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03 March 2003, 04:50 AM
there are regularly "which laptop do i buy?" style posts that appear on these threads. anandtech has done a comparison of the soon to be released centrino based laptops from a few manufacturers:

in particular (from that review anyway) i'm quite impressed with the Dell D800 which will be released in Australia on April 2nd according to Dell Asia-Pacific. onboard gf4-4200go isn't as good as the Quadro4Go alternatives, but is a damn sight cheaper and performs quite well alongside the centrino mobile chips.

i'd be very interested to see some benchmarks of these things in the usual max/maya/lightwave/SPEC tests. some of my roaming CAD users might like a few of these i think.

03 March 2003, 06:02 AM
The D800 looks liek a great machin as does the i8500. The widescreen is very attractive as are the new docks.

maybe wait for the GF FX 5xxx Go chips to appear, another article said they thought the GF4 4200 go might be short lived with them coming out. Toshiba already has shown their laptops with them.
Another article aslo pointed out it might be worht waiting for the upcoming Dells with DVDRWs.

The Centrino seem to be grrat chip for more battery life and cou power thoguh I thought one of articles about the centrino found it lost its advantage running some 3d games?

For a workkstation I'd be more impressed if Dell releases a desktop cpu'd M60 like the new 5100.

I have spoken to one person with direct experince with the Dell i8.5k and they said the 1920x1200 screen was difficult to see at native rez and as you know lower rez will be blurry, so he recommended the 1680x1050 instead but had not seen that screen, and "guessed" that the screens for the M60 would have to be better.

Yes the price dif between the quadros and i8500 is currently quite a bit. Oddly the price of the M50 has gone up recently while the 8200 and 8500 has dropped. It seems to be timing, in fact the M50 is now almost 1k CDN more in difference than it was 3 weeks ago when it was only a little more than an equally equippped i8200 + 700 go GL card part price.

If you get an i8500 tell us how it performs.

PS for all the quadro vs GF posts you've had to respond to, here's a good link: ; )

03 March 2003, 12:43 PM
The centrino chips do more work per clock then the p4-mobile chips.

Kyle at hardocp ran some 3dmark tests on one of the new 1.6 ghz centrino's and it matched a 2.26 Mobile-P4 in scores.

Of course since he's the only one to run such a test, one could doubt its validity until reproduced by a few other sites. How this will effect specviewperf/rendering is beyond me. Will be some time before any cg peeps get a hold of a machine running one. (At least those who have free time to benchmark like a crazy mad man)

03 March 2003, 11:01 PM
the release date for the D800 is april 2nd. april 1st we have two laptops up for lease renewal, so i might put it off for a few days and get one of these.

when i do, i'll "benchmark like crazy" before i hand it off to it's rightful owner.

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