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03 March 2003, 10:34 AM
Hello I'm having a problem creating DVDs and wondered
if anyone could point me in the right direction.
I have a Ricoh DVD+RW/+R MP5125 drive and everything
works fine, burning DVD+RW, CDs, CD etc. The problem
comes when I try and burn a movie to DVD for play back
on a regular DVD player or DVD player on the computer.

I use the software that comes bundled with the drive, this
being "Neo DVD standard" so this is what I'll be talking about.
So in Neo DVD Standard I choose all the files from my
computer I want to be on the DVD, avis, quicktimes, whatever
and arrange them into chapters, all good, combined they are about
So now I write it first to
my Hardisk as a check, and everything seems to be working fine.
I can check it on my computer and all the video files have been
encoded properly into the folder:


where the folowing files have been created:


I can actually check that this works fine by using Power DVD
and choosing the source and clicking "open DVD File on the Hardisk", and
the whole DVD, chapters, menu screen, sound works fine. The DVD is ready
to BURN!!!

Now the trouble begins... So I unwrap a brand new
offical "Ricoh DVD+R (1-2.4x and 4.7BB/120min)" exactly
the same kind of DVD that came bundled with the drive, put it it the drive
and click in "Neo DVD STandard" to burn a DVD from the Hardisk image.
It all seems to work fine, the DVD is written to, and at the end it says
it was successful.... but it never actually is!!!?!?!

The DVD players on my computer won't play the final burnt DVD, saying that
there's a possible fault with it or the DVD will just keep spinning and I will
have to restart to eject it. And home DVD players just keep spinning
it or don't play it at all. What's going wrong?

I've tried a number of times and now and it's getting expensive. It is all setup
for the correct region (PAL) and everything, I just can't see where I'm going

I should be using DVD+R right and not DVD+RW???
Should there also be an AUDIO_TS folder created as well??

Please help!!


03 March 2003, 03:50 PM
It is a combination of the media you are using and the DVD players you are trying them in.

Despite all the hype, +RW/R and -RW/R have about the same success rate in legacy DVD players (~70%, ignoring media issues). The older your DVD player is, the lower the chance on average.

I have found some great -R media on newegg that has been very successful with player compatibility. Still, the DVD-ROM reader in my brand new laptop is the most pickey of all the readers I have tried.

03 March 2003, 06:15 PM
Check here to see if your dvd player actually plays DVD+R:

Also there are alot of tutorials here:
The forum is very usefull for asking questions and diagnosing your problem.

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