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06 June 2007, 01:26 PM

How can I create this kind of look?

if anybody has achieve this effect plz post shading network image or else maya file?

I can't figure out which shader to use and how to layout UVs???

Thanks in advance


06 June 2007, 02:03 PM
Well Disco ball in reallity is just a ball built of lots of small mirrors so I guess you should go for that look in your scene.

Of course you should have to put lighting (colorful) in your scene and other things that would reflect in the ball.
if you'r trying to make a ball with no scene put a Reflection Map of colorful lights.
Hope this help.

06 June 2007, 11:09 PM
I think in that example image all of the little mirrors are actual geometry.

You could make a shading network to do that on just a plane sphere. But it wouldn't turn out as good as the one in your image. I would model all the little mirrors on it.

06 June 2007, 11:59 PM
i think you should model the mirrors as geometry, use a blinn with good relfections, and map an image of funky lights in the HDRI slot

06 June 2007, 12:37 AM
As already suggested, the shading is pretty straightforward – all you need is one mirror shader but the effect will come mostly from the modeling and what those mirrors will reflect.

Here’s one suggestion about the modeling part. I just tried this starting with multiple spheres and saw that it should work. What I did is make a sphere with 40 for subdivisions axis and 23 for subdivisions height in the options. Referring to your image I deleted all but the center 4 rows of faces and put it in a reference layer. Then I created another sphere with the same subdivisions height but with less subdivisions axis by dragging the slider until the vertical edges misaligned with the part from the first sphere as in the photo. Then deleted all faces from this sphere except the two rows of faces that will add to the top and bottom of what remained from the first sphere. I didn’t finish this but it is obvious that if you continue in this manner you should be able to completing the entire disco ball building the tiles relatively easy. Later you can extract all faces (tiles) as separate objects, center their pivots and very very slightly rotate some of them to make their alignment not so perfect which will give that random flashing reflections that appear on real disco balls. You can also extrude all tiles for some thickness.

Hope this helps.

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