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Awesome Possum
03 March 2003, 08:23 PM
I am wondering if motionbuilder is strictly for character animation and nothing else. So if you wanted to animate a character and another object or two would that be possible all in motionbuilder or would you have to export back to a high end 3d package and do the rest of the animation there? Like a character picking up a boulder or doing a task like that. Also is the renderer decent in Motionbuilder or would it be better to export the animations back to Lightwave (is what i use). Thx for the replies in advance.


Michel Besner
03 March 2003, 09:26 PM
You can animate pretty much anyting in MB ...
Also there is a built-in OpenGL rendered but many people prefer to export back to a ray-traced type renderer ...


Awesome Possum
03 March 2003, 04:15 PM
hmmm thanks,
I think i'll buy this program and give it a go...:applause:

04 April 2003, 06:44 PM
What about eye movement and fingers?

Are there controls built in for this or do you have to do the final touches in your main 3D application (mine is Lightwave).

04 April 2003, 11:20 PM
One of the tutorials - the one on devices I think - shows how to demos moving a characters eyes around just by moving the mouse back and forth. Pretty easy. And the skeletons in some of the examples have very detailed finger bones. They must be good for something - although I haven't seen anything yet that specifically deals with them - but I've only had the PLE version for about a week.

04 April 2003, 04:30 AM

I am going through the 3Dbuzz tutorials now. I can't wait until my PLE copy shows up.

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