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06 June 2007, 12:36 AM

Decided to make a late (ish) entry with Leia at Jabba's lair from Episode VI.
Might model a little furniture diorama style as well.
Jabba I'll leave to add some other time if the chance comes.

Amazing how Carrey Fisher made one of the most memorable moments of Star Wars in such
a brief number of shots imho Am currently watching the movie frame-per-frame (drool)
and will post some reference and captures sometime (huh)

This is quite a challenge for me, to get something finished and a full female figure at that.
And what a nice figure it is :D Should be quite a learning experience that I'll try to finish on time.
I think I really need luck. Having nightmares about modeling hair right now :)

Good luck everybody.

06 June 2007, 04:35 AM
Some scene ideas. More captures soon.

Found this really nice sculpt at the Gentle Giant website.
Hope they don't mind me posting it here and that I'm not infronging copyright.
It's my own layout.

Another Leia toy. If you think about it, she does look like one (?) :D
Is she really hanging on a Christmas tree? Maybe if I ask Santa..

And yet Another toy sculpt this time by Kotobukya. Found at

Wow, Santa, that was quick.. wait, no, they're not real, it can't be.. :twisted:

06 June 2007, 05:00 AM
Great Spin99, really glad your having a go at modelling Leia. Agreed, very memorable scene
and wish you the best with your modelling.

HMC: Star wars tribute: Jawa (


06 June 2007, 12:31 AM
Thanks Porkpie. Still sorting through my screenies and found some nice Leia stuff
on the web too. Will dive into it head first preety soon.
Would love to get a nice Leia model out of this.

So far found good reference for the face (front+side) but no "ortho" views
for the full body. So it'll be a case of looking probably at a nice 3/4 view
and working things out from there. Time to review some anatomy as it comes as well.

Actually really looking forward to starting this.

06 June 2007, 12:51 AM
You may already have all of these, but there are a few good shots here:

JensDenker posted this link in the HMC references section, and it's been quite helpful. Good luck!

06 June 2007, 02:57 AM

I did a quickie collage with some of my captures.
Thanks for the link michaelshippy some very useful reference there.

Yes I'm taking a bit long to start, well I had to go watch the full movie :D
I think I was preety young first time 'round, and it definitely still makes an impression.
Love it. Jabba and a lot of creatures still look incredible.
The "space blues" clip at his lair is just plain amazing.

Definitely ahead of it's time? Looks great both in image quality and 5.1 sound.
I'd guess the end celebration at the city scenes were redone? Amazing stuff any case..
Talking of Episode VI of course.

07 July 2007, 10:02 PM
Yes I've been fading out of online competitions these days.

Sorry bout that, it's truly not intentional just too many things pulling me from the tablet.
I still want to do Leia, and there's not much time left. I thought of going for a portrait, but not going to pressure on for it now. the intention was to do a diorama in the first place.

Definitely a model I want to do, doesn't look like it'll be for this competition though.
But I got the idea and all the references thanks to it, just won't happen now.
Maybe I'll post her to my portfolio sometime, even try the gallery.

Any case beware of the return of Leia in hopefully not too distant a future :P


PS Princess been added to my queue of unfinished (started?) models for now.
She's high on the list, and definitely on as far as keeping trying to build a portfolio.
Hope Obi-Wan forgives me for now ;)

07 July 2007, 11:29 PM
thats a shame... was looking forward to it : )

07 July 2007, 11:51 PM
Yup looks like we were the dropouts this time round :sad:
Next time I'll make sure to start something I can finish on time.
But life has to permit it as well not?

Also having trouble with features in the new Silo beta, don't know if I'll adapt to it
or if it's still under development. Right now I have the brushes to work on Leia's
face but I can' see it on the viewport under the model (aarghhhh!)

But what nice soft it is now. You should check Silo2 sometime.

Looks like you were doing frozen Han before Leia came to rescue in the desguise.
Love the whole Jabba episode, watched it many times now.
Well princess, don't think you're escaping any case, blah :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:

07 July 2007, 01:19 AM
Y Also having trouble with features in the new Silo beta....
Which Silo Beta

Silo Beta 2.96452.alpha.bravo
Silo Beta 2.7564j.nija.ninerniner.klk
or the
Silo Beta 2.765klkejrl.....

LOL. Just kidding. I just keep reading all the different Beta #s on thread titles and it makes me laugh...

You should check Silo2 sometime.
I have used the demo to Silo. As soon as its out of Beta I will be buying it because it was such a smart modeler with zero learning curve. Kinda like Mudbox (only had the demo).

To tell you the truth though I think my love for modeling software will end up with Modo. It is one crazy awesome app...

Looks like you were doing frozen Han before Leia came to rescue in the desguise. Well princess, don't think you're escaping any case, blah :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
LOL... not for the challenge at least but I will finish the model : )

I'll look forward to seeing your Leia WIP when you get around too it :cool:

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07 July 2007, 01:19 AM
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