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05 May 2007, 03:25 PM
first of all, thanks to E-on for making the Vue6 PLE available. the features in Vue6 are quite impressive. i'm astounded by the amount of functionality in this app. truly massive. i wished a long time ago, i had purchased Vue instead of the buggy World Builder.

but imho Vue's 2 biggest weaknesses is the long rendering and grainy images once you enabled the stellar features like spectral atmosphere, etc. i rendered a scene 800x600 using spectral atmosphere, volumetric clouds & godrays and the rendering took 14 hours :( i up'd the quality boost to 8 to make it a less grainy. but gez, 14 hours! its a little much. and still grainy at the end. the machine i'm using is by no means the top of the line but its no slug either. a complex scene with clouds, atmosphere, water, reflections, etc using Dreamscape in Max takes about 2 min to render on this machine.

i've heard about the complaints on the long & grainy renderings by other folks so i'm sure E-on is looking at this and hopefully addressed in the next version. its what keeping Vue from truly shining. i do see a bright future for Vue. keep up the good work!


06 June 2007, 06:10 AM
Grainy spectral atmospheres? This is a usual mistake beginners make. They oversee the quality setting in the atmosphere editor that by default is set to one. Bring it up to four and you will see a big difference. You find it under Fog&Haze and it is called "Quality boost" - at the bottom under "global settings".

Regarding render times. #1 there is a good pdf tutorial from Peggy Walters out that shows you how to optimise your render settings for faster rendering. #2 it is amazing, there are always people that love the speedy render times compared to other render engines. I think the big point is that it needs comparable scenes to decide what is fast and what is slow.

06 June 2007, 11:53 AM
Our green friend said it all. You talk about a quality boost of +8, where do you find this setting? Atmosphere quality boost go to 4, and even if you can input values manually, I don't think going over +4 will give better quality, but longer render times, yes. I supoose you were using "preset" render settings, which is normal if you're new to Vue. Which setting was it? Ultra? Never use this one, useless and gives indeed the impression that Vue is way too slow.

You compare Max and Vue: Can you create godrays in Max? If so how long does it take to render? With full 'infinite" global illumination?
The render settings tutorial is here:
Hope this will help you get a more gentle opinion of Vue's render engine.

06 June 2007, 01:35 PM
as far as my experience goes..manual input of atmosphere quality settings higher then 4-5 will
Really make a difference..but depending on what you are rendering..even settings between 7-10 will make big difference especially on clouds and godrays..
Some sky other sky settings also effect how grainy the atmosphere looks..not entirely just the quality settings.

However..all the other render settings concerning avoiding grain on plants and water, is still
somewhat hard to set up good.

But would be nice if the whole spectral atmosphere were faster in rendering, but really
How many other programs can achieve that look without having long render times.
I did check out the tg2 version,but I was not comfortable with those rendertimes or more exactly getting previews when working.

The Ogo taiki atmosphere plugin for lightwave was something really cool,but so slow development, and slow to render, that one should have been able to be far ahead of vues atmosphere by now, but its not unfortunatly.

So by boosting the speed up some more, and paying attention to reduce grain artifacts in renders will certainly help pushing the wonderful vue 6 infinite to be an even better program.


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06 June 2007, 01:35 PM
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