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05 May 2007, 11:37 AM
"Design a Lightsaber"
These are the rules:

You have 45 MN for your sketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.
Only final pieces can be posted on the thread. They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.
RESOLUTION : The image can have any aspect ratio up to 800 x 600
They can be done on any medium.
If you wish, you can add a brief text description about your piece.
Only original compositions. No "tributes" or plagiarizing, unless is it an integral part of the challenge.
You can post an entry at anytime for the topic presented on this thead BEFORE the voting thread for THE WEEK has been posted.
The artist also has to post total length of time it took and program used.
Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.
The topics will be picked at random from the list on the TOPICS thread >>LINK<< (
(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming.
You can add multiple entries, but please dont post WIP (Unless you intend to update them).
Good Luck

05 May 2007, 06:24 PM
Went for the pirate / airplane look. Pretty cartoony, still not sure how to get realism, the outlines probally dont help though. :D
20 mins in photoshop.

05 May 2007, 07:50 PM
Went for a medieval sword in the stone kind of thing. Took 45mins in photoshop.


05 May 2007, 08:03 PM
Quite a typical Sci-fi style lightsabre. Made in 50 minutes.

05 May 2007, 12:12 AM
modeling 17 min
texture, fx & lightning about 6 min
rendered 4 min
post 2 maybe 3 min

S3DCX/PS/wacom about 35 min I'm so lazzzzy...

Pinoy McGee
06 June 2007, 07:49 AM
Decided to concept out a radical design: the lightbracers.

Wip sketch is at the 30-40 minute mark. Finished version took around 10 hrs. using openCanvas, Painter, Photoshop.

06 June 2007, 06:32 PM
Hi, I know I'm a little late probably, but since RobertoOrtiz dropped my name:applause: I have to contribute something, right?

45 min, in photoshop, with a wacom tablet:

I call it "Jedi bling". :D Seriously, though, I had the idea in my head that a wealthy patron of the Jedi would give one a new lightsaber casing, in gratitude for "services rendered"...

06 June 2007, 07:56 PM
Just try beating a light saber suit!
50 Min. Photoshop

06 June 2007, 08:01 PM
Heh heh. Very Tron. But it doesn't seem very sporting, does it? One good headbutt and your opponent is turned into shoestring fries.... ;)

06 June 2007, 08:26 PM
Just try beating a light saber suit!

hahaha, I think ya cheating! ;)

edit: how about a light-saw? ^_^
( OC1 + PSE + wacom == 45min + 10 (bah I can't seem to hit on the limit)

06 June 2007, 09:00 PM
haha nice idea roden!

One good headbutt and your opponent is turned into shoestring fries.... ;)

i wouldnt recommend that, for u would have ur opponents slices all over ur face *ergh* :(

06 June 2007, 11:24 PM
i wouldnt recommend that, for u would have ur opponents slices all over ur face *ergh* :(

I didn't think of that... EWWWWW!!:argh:

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06 June 2007, 11:24 PM
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