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03 March 2003, 10:56 PM
ok guys here is my problem...
maya.. i have tons of objects that are built into SDK's that drive thier independant glows...
when i render the renderer ignores the glows and jsut makes them all glow at the same time...
i have run into this problem before.. how can i render the glows correctly without them effecting every other glow in my scene.
maya should not do this.. not for 9 gs

03 March 2003, 03:42 AM
Do your glows in post. They are done in 2d/post in maya, you would have alot more controll to do it in the compositor

03 March 2003, 10:50 AM
To turn them off;
select -r shaderGlow1 ;
setAttr shaderGlow1.glowType 0;
setAttr shaderGlow1.haloType 0;

You can also isolate them by setting every glowing material matteOpacity to 0. In your alpha the black is what you need to glow in your compositingyou would have alot more controll to do it in the compositor

That's the best way to handle glows!

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