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05 May 2007, 07:40 PM
I have followed all the tutorials of this DVD, but I am focused on the Chapter 10 "DEM Function Editor".
I have loaded the Final File "DEM&ProceduralTerrainFin.vue" of chapter 10.
In this file is loaded the DEM Image "BigSur 1139x1400 pixels_PC.tif" included, as Texture Map, and it is applied to Altitude Function of the ProceduralTerrain (to get the Height values).

1) But I haven't understood how set the correct proportions (Scale: X and Y values) of the TextureMap relatively of the size in pixels of the image (1139x1400pixels)!
In this example the Scale of TextureMap is X:5.5 and Y:5.5. Why? The source image file is not square!
2) How can I do if I want maintain the exact proportions of the source DEM images in my own works, respectively to the scale of the TextureMap?
What is the correct scale ratio?
3) I have also see that the Size of ProceduralTerrain is X:25.6 meters x Y:25.6 meters:
If I scale the TerrainMesh, should I change, accordingly, the scale values of TextureMap, or not (the TextureMap scales itself by changing the size of the TerrainMesh)?
What is the correct relationship between DEMImageSize(pixels)>TextureMap(scale)>MeshTerrainSize(TrueSize in Meters)?

05 May 2007, 10:49 PM
1) & 2) I think in your case, Vue creates a square function out of your tiff image, because Vue terrains are square. What you could do is compare by yourself the relation to the function size in X with the pixel size of your image, and find the right Y value.

But as it is, does the proc terrain match your image? The easy way to find out would be to load the tiff in 3DEM, a digital elevation reader/manipulator (

3) No need to change the function values when you change the terrain size, as long as your function is evaluated in the "object parametric" mode, which is on by default for proc terrains.

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05 May 2007, 10:49 PM
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