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05 May 2007, 02:02 AM
Greetings CG Society

Please take the time to read over this very interesting and unique way to be involved in an exciting commercial project!


My name is Micah Hymer, the founder of Canadian independent/financed game development studio- Reverie World Studios Inc. ( ( Late last year, I began laying the groundwork for a new CGI film studio called KillBox Entertainment ( ( Unlike the many commercial and independent CGI companies in the market- I am looking to break this new studio in the industry by developing for an almost completely untouched market. Mature audience CGI films (i.e. drama, action, horror etc.).


Our premiere project will be a commercial one. We are looking to independently create a CGI trailer for our premiere film and we are looking for help from the many talented artists on the CGI Society Forums! We have a complete script for the film done already (currently working on a revised/finalized version), have the storyboard's for the trailer scripted out- have the first round of character concepts completed and have recently finished concepting the major environments that will be seen in the trailer.

With this trailer, we will be contacting many investment (angel/VC) groups, production companies, distributors, agents etc. seeking financing for the feature film. We do have a Business Plan, financials, pro formas and projections etc. We have already made contact with William Morris Agency of Beverly Hills, California and will be forwarding them the trailer upon completion.


We are currently looking to fill the following positions for the project:

(1-2) Concept Artists
(1) Promotional/Matte Painter
3D Modellers Environment/Architecture (High Res)
3D Modellers Character (High Res)
FX Artists/Lighting
Sound/SFX/Music Composers & Editors

Character Concept by Jonathan McEnroe (

Environment Concept for Scene from Trailer by Austin Longfish (

Promotional Matte Painting for Project by Sergey Musin (


While we will be looking forward to the feedback, critiques and thoughts about our project from any and all CG Society members, we will be limiting the work done on this project to interested parties who we feel have the necessary skills to help us complete the project in a timely/professional manner. All interested parties can submit their resume/demo reel/portfolio to us for consideration, but not all will be accepted.

All work done by approved members will be thoroughly documented and members will be reimbursed upon a date of sufficient capital input for a rate/term agreed upon by the artist and the company. These rates and terms (i.e. $XUSD per hour/concept etc) will be discussed privately and will be documented with legal contracts to insure the protection of all parties.


We appreciate the feedback and thoughts of the CG Society community on this project. We are clearly trying to shoot for something new by trying to work on what will be a commercial project while maintaining a community spirit in which we keep the community updated with real-time progress on the CGI trailer and listen to the feedback of the viewers.

We also would love to hear your thoughts on this development process. We have a lot of experience in online project development and will be keeping this project very organised but we are always willing to listen to new ideas/thoughts that may help us streamline this process! Thanks in advance!


You can submit your Resume/CV, Demoreel, Samples or link to your online portfolio to: (

Or by faxing your resume to:

General inquiries or comments can be sent to: (

All right reserved. All images are Copyright 2007 by KillBox Entertainment and may not be used without permission.

05 May 2007, 07:51 AM
I'm confused. Is this a paid job posting or a Collab project. Because it reads like you're going to pay people for thier work. In which case this needs to be posted on CGJobs.

Or ... is this a "we will pay you when we have the funding" project? In which case I can only say, "good luck with your project." :D

05 May 2007, 01:22 PM
Hello Kirt!

As specified under the LEGAL section:

"All work done by approved members will be thoroughly documented and members will be reimbursed upon a date of sufficient capital input for a rate/term agreed upon by the artist and the company."

So yes- this is a "deferred payment" project! All work that has been done thus far is deferred payment. Thanks for the question/clarification Kirt!

06 June 2007, 06:43 PM
Court of Miracles
Scene from CGI Trailer
Matte Painting by Sergey Musin

Still seeking a Storyboard Artist! All character and environment art (as well as outline) is in place to assist Storyboard Artist with the design process.

Please send resume and a link to your portfolio to: (

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06 June 2007, 06:43 PM
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