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05 May 2007, 04:37 AM
Hey guys.

So, I just graduated from the Academy of art University in December as a 3D modeler. However, my last semester I took a Character TD class with Tom Meade and really enjoyed myself. I am now rethinking whether to continue my pursuits as a modeler or dive head first into the TD world.

I find that I am more intrigued and passionate about the rigging than the modeling now. I donít know, I guess itís that with modeling there is so much in the way of personal opinions if something looks right! With rigging you know if itís right! If it works it works. That must be my left brain talking to me.

Anyways, I was wondering if you guys and galls could take a look at my work in progress and give me some feedback. Both characters on my reel were completed only within the last few months. The first rig is was my first attempt, and the model was not mine. I found it on the web in a quick pinch for time. I needed to start the rigging for the class I was taking.

The second model was created for the Hard core modeling challenge that just happened. I still need to finish him up in Zbrush. Unfortunately due to time constraints and a dead line for the Academy Spring show I had to give up on finishing the model so I could work on the rig.

The second character: Charlie Chaplin was rigged in one week from scratch. I know that both characters are still lacking corrective blend shapes to maintain volume in the arms and legs. I am now going back and fixing these issues now.

Thanks again,

All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Brian. (

05 May 2007, 04:50 AM
Ok guys, and galls. I have uploaded a smaller version of my WIP Character Demo Reel. Please have a look and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate it.

Brian Bouffard.

Just follow the above link in my previous post.

05 May 2007, 02:26 AM
I'm not going to sugar coat anything, it needs work for a Rigging reel.

I'm not going to talk about the weighting and deformations, as you already know you need to address these issues. But I will say, take more time investigating what happens when your skin deforms. Particularly in the facial setup, your deformations all need more fall off and natural skin stretching and bunching up. Spend a bit more time with a mirror while working on these. Feel how much the corners of the mouth pull inwards as your mouth opens and how much the skin on your face moves performing basic expression. The facial work is demonstrating allot of mass loss and a lack of respect for the underlying bone and muscular structures. These are fundamental importance for good deformations. A tip in creating them is to create a proxy skull and use it for reference when creating shapes and controlling masses. Also keep in mind a rigging reel without decent deformations is not going to get you hired. Unless you are tech savvy enough and only focus on the technical aspects of rigs.

As for the rigs, your first one has issues. Basic posing causes the knee to flip out. That alone will get your reel tossed regardless of what you came up with for a correction. It is demonstrating a lack of understanding of how basic IK and bones work. You've got other issues like a pelvis controller that moves the chest and head as well. If this is not intentional, then I'd say figure out how to isolate it. If this is intentional loose it, animators hate that sort of automation. You've got basic anatomical issues like your shoulder shrug pivoting from the wrong area and not cluing into the actual anatomy involved in the movement (clue look at your clavicals) If you don't want to address these issues in an older rig, then I'd say loose the girl completely from your reel and focus on your newer and hopefully better rigs. Right now the focus of your reel (more than 80%) is your first rig, which is not up to snuff.

Which brings me to the presentation. Allot of it I couldn't really tell what was going on or what you were trying to show. So much control flapping around moving things in easy to attain motion ranges. It only really demonstrates you can follow tutorials and make rigs that do pretty standard stuff in a T pose. Nothing showing the rigs really doing their thing on animated characters or your personal problem solving abilities. And thats what this game is really about. I'd focus down into your approach to more challenging aspects of rigging and loose all the repetitive this how my controls work. Show a bit of it that you think is pretty cool, but if you can demo the rigs in real use then you'll be bringing it up a notch. If you can't animate then get someone who can to animate for you and give you feedback on how to improve the rigs. The best you can hope to do is to get others riggers stop framing your reel trying to figure out how you did something.

Listen I'm sorry to be harsh, but I think you need it to take your reel up a notch to get a shot at some decent rigging opportunities.

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05 May 2007, 02:26 AM
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