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05 May 2007, 06:46 PM
RigMaster v1.0 Beta for Lightwave
Video demonstration
Rigging a hand
(Google video is not as crisp)

This is a new plugin I've been developing to help speed and simplify the process of rigging within Lightwave. The demo video shows some features while rigging a hand.

This is not a pre-made auto-rig. This is a tool to quickly create your rig, especially those that aren't covered by auto-riggers like multi-armed, robot chickens.

The idea behind RigMaster is to create control handles through an interactive panel, allowing you to get instant feedback while creating your rig. RigMaster takes the laborious tasks in rigging and simplifies them so you can get results faster.

- interactive panel to select bones
- automated null shape creation and placement
- bones listed by hierarchy
- joint selection: IK ball, IK hinge, FK target, FK rotate, FK pivot
- create multiple handles of the same type: create 100 IK legs of the centipede with a few clicks
- update skelegons, on the fly, without erasing your keyframes
- auto adds motion modifiers(included) that improve lightwave's FK
- simplified 'use bones from layer'
- many quick tools to aid in the rigging process
- works great with motion mixer, and all of Lightwave's native tools

Potential for 1.0 release:
- add expressions to handles automatically: lag, bounce, etc.
- bake motion

Potential for future 2.0 release:
- muscle bones (stretchy)
- lattice deformers

v1.0 will be kept affordable, and a great asset to the Lightwave toolkit.
For PC/Mac, Lightwave versions 8.0+

Website coming soon for full details!

enjoy :)

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05 May 2007, 06:46 PM
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