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05 May 2007, 12:53 AM
I'm trying to export selected animated objects to .mi's, so that I can later combine the animated elements with the static BG, thereby saving a bunch of translation time. I can't seem to isolate the animated objects and their instances and get the incremental statements to reflect the changes from frame to frame.

I've tried the following export/option combinations:

File > Export Selection (with desired object selected):

Output file per frame ON/OFF
Export selection output > Renderable scene/Scene fragment
The manual has the following to say on the subject of File > Export All, Export Selection (mental ray):

Export Selection Output

If objects do not change, reprocessing before exporting to .mi is not required, and the export process is significantly shortened as a result.

Renderable Scene

This is the default.

Maya exports all scene entities (lights, cameras, shaders, globals, and so on) that are necessary to render the selected geometry. The resulting scene will be renderable using the mental ray standalone.

Scene Fragment

Maya exports only the nodes that are selected. This mode can be used to export particular lights, cameras, shaders, or geometry. The resulting .mi file will most likely not be directly renderable, so it is called a Scene Fragment.

So with the Renderable Scene option, i get the object and it's instance in both file-per-frame and incremental files, but the file-per-frame shows no changes from file to file, and the incremental file has no incremental statements regarding the selection.

With the scene fragment option, the incremental file has neither object nor instance - it's basically an empty file. The file-per-frame files look the same - empty.

Anybody had a similar problem?

05 May 2007, 02:01 PM
I can't recall it now, but it seems that when you select an object, whith fragmnet ON .. it confuse Maya

try export all >> with fragment ON

05 May 2007, 06:37 PM
Well, I managed to export a cube moving across the screen by selecting it and it's transform fcurves, then running "File > Export Selection" with "Scene Fragment" ON and "Export entire child DAG" ON.

I'm having a little more difficulty, however, exporting anything deforming.

Ash-Man, thanks for the idea, but when I tried export all >> with fragment ON I just got everything in the .mi, not just the selected object.

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05 May 2007, 06:37 PM
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