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04 April 2007, 02:07 PM

Me and some friends are creating an FPS multiplayer game as a project in a 3d graphics course we attend at Uni.
I'm creating the scene for the game and I got no artistic skills at all, we are pretty much all programmers actually :)

Anyway, I have created the scene and did the whole scene as one object (pretty bad, right?).

The way I was thinking of texturing the scene now is using the multi/sub object material and then just selecting the polygons I want certain textures on. But I get the feeling that's a bad way to do it, since I got alot of polygons. I have started to look into the UVW-map thing but I got no experience using that and I think it would be hard since my whole scene is one single object?

We also want to render lights and stuff to the texture, do I have to do that with UVW-maps?

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be so glad!

Here's a screen of the scene:

Thanks in advance, Isac

04 April 2007, 04:11 PM
Actually making it as one object isn't the worst way at all. If anything that's how i would go about it, and do exactly as you have said, use a mutli sub to then texture walls, the best way about that is you can:

Make material ID's for the walls which you can use to UVW Unrwap (face selection - select the wall you want to unwrap by the selecting the material ID)
Plus the numbers then correlate to the multisub... So really its a good and organised way to work.

Also as its a game, you can repeat textures, and using the multi sub would be great for that. So using tilable texutes is best, you can mix and match it up in the mutlisub so basically add some varience but also saves on loading time of the game engine.

Your unrwaping might take a little while, but basically use the UVW unwrap mod, as from there u can use tools you will find in the UVW map mod, its the best way. Buy the look of it its all planar, or box mapping, so should come apart easily.

Also you guys will probably be using some vertex lighting to light your do that you need to have one model. So Bascially its not that bad at all, your going about it on the right track, just make your textures beautiful, and you will be fine.

to make tilable textures the best and easest way i have found is to use that of the offset tool in photoshop. Gnomon has a great free tutorial on it.

Bascially keep doing whar your doing, and diffiently use tileable textures.

Hope that helps.

[EDIT] also just looking at it, if you organise your tilable textures well you could probably just face map the scene, in connection with the UVW X form, you can rotate and basically sort out any UV's that might be round the wrong way. I would possibly say look into that as it seems the easiest way.

Also vertex lighting the scene will dramtically change the look of area's and add varience.

05 May 2007, 09:28 PM
Thanks alot for your help, much appreciated!

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