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04 April 2007, 01:01 AM
Hello everyone, so I havn't touched a 3d program for quite some time, due to taking time off for work and medical related issues in my family, but now that my time is more free I picked it up again. Reading all over the forums and other resources about the new developments and such, one thing I noticed became big was zbrush. So I did a little deeper reading up on this tool and from the results i'm impressed, however I have some questions about how it connects back with the old school stuff. I'm mainly focused on animation, so with the million poly meshes zbrush can deliver I ask whats the point? Yes I animate on a low version and then also skin the high version but at the level where all that detail is shown wouldnt it just crash the 3d software (maya is my preference myself).
Another "buzz word" I found was the normal map. Back when I was heavy into 3d work it was just regular bump maps and displacements but now i'm reading up on these normal maps that you plug in the displacement for pretty much the same thing as having a high res mesh. Whats the difference between a high res normal map from say zbrush, and the same high poly model that map was taken from, at render time i mean, i know the normal map part would be better to animate and then just render, but at render time isnt it the same thing?
For general animation use, is zbrush mainly used for fine tuning the base low model, and then going high res to create displacement and bump maps pretty much?


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04 April 2007, 01:01 AM
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