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04 April 2007, 11:15 PM
heres my stage 1 picture:

Wow just started doing stage 1 on Thursday just realized I've only got until Wednesday
so i did this quick painting concept for stage 2 ( I did this from a pencil sketch i did for this competition 2 weeks ago but due to busy schedule.

The picture is based on a environmental castastrophy i may have to ease on the
lava on the right side of the pic as there seem to be too much heat! I was thinking of
keeping statue of Darwin as the focal point to contain the structure around it! Wtih lava coming down the steps and into the watery floor falling into cracks in the ground! With a water fall coming from whats left of the roof I have to make the roof structure more believable though. So this allows the statue to hold it form over the heated lava I'll have to add some firey steam blowing there when lava and water make contact and some vented steam from the lava below the water line deep in the cracks. The theme could be that museum itself with conbination of heat, water, minerals and hydrocarbons or whatever who knows could create a self propelled ecosystem the cycle of life again and how Ironic
that the musuem with Darwin looking over should restart evolution again hmm maybe i could put a human skull next to dinosaur tail suggesting a creature that took millions of years to perish compared to it counterpart which is practically over night in comparison.
Oh well just some crazy thought lol:)

Going to add vegatation and fungy fallen debris and material some light rays re-arrange
dinosaur tail for the main picture!

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04 April 2007, 11:15 PM
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