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Crazzy Legs
03 March 2003, 02:42 PM
When your about to texture a character are you concerned with the amount of seperate UV patches/shells layed out? Are less patches more ideal or does it not really matter as long as the patches are layed out in a way that makes edge continuity easy? Thank you

03 March 2003, 03:09 PM
Hi Crazzy.

The number of seperate 'patches' is arbitrary. You're only concern is a clean layout.

One element you can optimize with your UV'ing is with mirrored surfaces. At times, you may want to have higher quality textures within your limited texture page. In this case, you would UV, for example, one side of a characters body, mirror and weld it back together. What you end up with is 'patches' for only half the body...the 'mirrored' half is sharing the UV coordinants of the original half. In this case you are arguably "lowering the amount of seperate patches" by only using half to maximize your texture space. So where you may have UV's both left and right arms, now you only UV one arm and the other will share that same UV. With this method though you sacrifice asymmetry...since UV"s are shared, that scar you painted on the left arm will be mirrored on the right.

UV'ing is a skill in of itself, and not just a means to an end. There is such a thing as 'high quality' UV layout...where you use the maximum amount of the pages space, where you keep your texel sizes consistent across the layout and keeping seams to the insides of forms, like underside of the arms...inside of the legs...places that are less visible.

Make sure you study as many tuts as you can find on the subject.

Just to be thorough :

A good texel ( texture pixel )layout is very important to avoid have mismatched pixel sizes on your 3D model. One extreme example would be to make the torso of your character very small as far as the space it takes up on the texture page, and make the head very large. You'd think "hell, I'd like to give my head lots of details, and I don't care about my torso". Well with this you end up with clearly enlarged pixels for the torso ( which is ideally larger than your characters head ), and very small pixels for the head, and the boundary will be quite obvious. You're best bet is to try and keep your 'patches' proportional to the 'proportions' of the model. Make good use of a UV test texture, usually a checker board or numbered squares or circles or whatnot, and try to keep the squares/circles relatively similar in size to eachother.

Hope this helps a tad. :thumbsup:


Crazzy Legs
03 March 2003, 07:00 PM
That does help a bit. Thank you for the information. I aware of mirroring the UV, but what really helped me was wether the UV layout had to be in a certain maner. Since it is only arbitrary, I'm not to concerned. Thank you.

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