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04 April 2007, 05:54 AM

Project INOva is currently looking for a fun, dedicated and talented team to help create a quirky 3D side scroller game (modification) for the Unreal 2k4 engine. Our main goal for the team and project is to have fun while creating a polished, professional product that will reflect the team's skill level, which will hopefully open doors to the Gaming Industry.

Project INOva will be a very stylized (cartoon) quirky 3D side scroller platformer that will feature two heroes in the right place at the wrong time. The game takes place on an uncharted Island housing a priceless treasure that our two heroes are searching for, little do they know that they aren't the only ones in search of the great Tiki statue.

- The game will be played as a stylized - quirky 3D side scroller, focusing more on out smarting opponents instead of using brute force. The player will have certain challenges and puzzles set out to complete to further the games story. Certain levels will feature unique boss fights that requires the player to “trick” their opponents to defeat them.

- The game will provide a unique “tag-team” system to allow the player to complete each puzzle/ objective/ boss to further themselves through the story. The game will feature 2 playable characters, only one character will be controlled by the player at once, while the CPU controls the other. At any time the player has the ability to switch between the 2 characters, each character has different abilities/ strengths and weaknesses that requires the player to use cooperatively to progress through the game.

- The game will be using the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine (modification). We feel that the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine provides the team with enough power, documentation and support to effectively produce this fun and unique project, from start to finish.

Project INOva is looking for a small but very efficient team that shares the same love and ambition to create a unique and fun game. We strive to have a very polished and professional product that demonstrates the teams abilities to our fullest.

Here is a current list of what positions are opened, and what requirements are needed to fulfill that position:

Programmer (Lead)
- A strong understanding of the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine.
- Experience in Unrealscript language / any high level programming languages (C++ etc.)
- Strong communication / leadership skills / Ambitious / Dedicated

Level Artist
- A strong understanding of the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine.
- Able to construct very stylized levels consiting of different locations.
- Able to construct levels that have multiply routes, puzzles etc.
- Strong communication / leadership skills / Ambitious / Dedicated

Environment 2D Artist (Stylized Backgrounds / Textures)
- Able to create very stylized colorful backgrounds for different locations.
- Able to create stylized tiled environment textures.
- A strong understanding of your desired program (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
- Strong communication / leadership skills / Ambitious / Dedicated

Story / Script Writer
- Able to help us flesh out the overall story to the game.
- Create a funny and well thought out script that will help progress the story.
- Strong communication / leadership skills / Ambitious / Dedicated

If you are interested / have any questions please send some recent examples of your work / questions too: (

We'll be sure to get back to you shortly, Thanks.

04 April 2007, 08:13 AM
cool idea my friend I hope to see updates soon :scream:
I will be watching :thumbsup:

04 April 2007, 07:47 PM
Thanks Antone, currently the team (core team... 3) are just getting some planning, as well as some art done. If we can find a coder, we can really start progressing, so wish us luck :)

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04 April 2007, 07:47 PM
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