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03 March 2003, 05:25 AM
Hi guys :wavey: , sorry but I didn't know how to correctly phrase the questions in a short sentence.

1) How do you create a program (e.g made in C++) that can read in some data from a 3D program (e.g. Max, Maya, XSI, LW, etc) and then display it on screen? (I'm thinking in terms of creating games, i.e. reading in 3D data, manipulate it and output it on screen)

2) What is DirectX and OpenGL? Are they just libraries that C++ can use to output graphics?

Would be grateful if anyone could put up some links and tutorials where I can read in more detail. (or am I in the wrong forum, hehe)

Thank u!!!

03 March 2003, 06:41 AM
Whoa dude, you might want to start a bit smaller then that :eek:. Thats fairly high level stuff that you want to do there. Anyway, to answer your questions, you could access the files you mentioned if the app company provided info on them. You can't just write it out of the blue, you need to have info about how stuff stored before you can do anything. You might want to check out those company's dev section and see if theres any info about those file formats.

DirectX and OGL are APIs used to access the graphics (or in the case of DirectX, other) hardware. Its pretty hard stuff, you might want to start a bit smaller if you don't have a ton of expearence in C++ already.

Good luck though :D Just be aware that people spend years learning this stuff. It sure doesn't all come in a weekend.


03 March 2003, 01:47 PM
2) What is DirectX and OpenGL? Are they just libraries that C++ can use to output graphics? If by output you mean display on the screen then I would say yes.

Displaying data from a program is quite difficult to do unless the operating system you are using supports some sort of shared memory or you write the program as a plugin for the main program. The other approach is to load files saved by the said application and then manipulate that data... will give links to examples of loading files and displaying them in opengl.
Another approach you might find interesting is to write an export plugin for your program that outputs C Code that you can compile into an OpenGL program.

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