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View Full Version : Ward Classic - New Character by Jugglers Animation Team

04-24-2007, 12:23 PM
Ward Classic 1.0 - New Character by Jugglers Animation Team

Ward is a character that has been created for all the beginners animator and for all of those that want to animate just through body language.

It’s a complete character that doesn’t have any facial control.
The setup is extremely easy and fast to animate.
The downloadable version is the “Classic” one, an ‘old style’ rig that doesn’t have any body stretch control. In the next weeks we’ll release for download the stretchy rig version too which will be similar to the Classic but will feature stretch controls for all the body plus some other features.

Main features

- Stable, Simple and very fast Rig!
- IK/FK controls for arms, legs and fingers.
- Every limb can be aligned and constrained to top parent joints. Up to 5 parenting options.
- Advanced character picker with tabs for body, head and multiple utility buttons.
- Color Preset and immediate visualization of the silhouette in viewport with just a mouse
- Possibility to play with dimensions and visibility of the facial elements

Download Ward here (http://www.jugglersanimation.com/?page_id=5)...

Rig Overview


Character Picker Screenshots





Jugglers Animation Team
www.jugglersanimation.com (http://www.jugglersanimation.com/)

William Petruccelli
www.alfatech-tx.com (http://www.alfatech-tx.com/)

C&C are welcome!

04-24-2007, 12:56 PM
Looks great, can't wait to test it out.

Hope I don't get those horrible slowdown issues i was getting with Ollie (It was a great rig, but it moved at snails pace for me :/ )

04-24-2007, 02:20 PM
Hope I don't get those horrible slowdown issues i was getting with Ollie (It was a great rig, but it moved at snails pace for me :/ )

Hey Raveen,
yep you're right, Ollie is slow mostly because his Bend Controls, I'm
working at the moment on version 2 in which I'll solve this big

Ward it's a very simple rig and it's very fast to animate, don't worry...

Thanks for your feedback!
Keep in touch!


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