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03 March 2003, 11:12 PM
i think i have a corrupt open gl driver. when im working on max with open gl set as the display driver, sometimes i might be able to work for 10 minutes or 2 hours, but then my computer will look like it goes into sleep mode. but its not in sleep mode. no matter what key i press or mouse button i hit, it wont come out. im forced to restart my comp. when i set my display driver with direct3d, it seems to go away. but also, when i play any game that uses 3d, same thing will happen. ill get anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 hours of play in, then itll lock up and emit this high picthed noise. if it is my open gl, how cna i test it? im running win ME if that helps. my video card is the Radeon All-In-Wounder 8500LE. 128 megs of DDR ram. is the open gl embedded in the video card? if so, does that mean that my video card is faulty and have to get replaced? i had the same problem when i was running windows 2k pro, so i dont think its my operating system. i really need help here.

03 March 2003, 01:03 AM
uninstall everything and change your VGA adapter to standard VGA. Then restart and reinstall.

03 March 2003, 02:21 AM
1) Backup your data. Wipe your harddrive. Install windows 2000.

Windows ME is not an operating system...its a temporary platform for launching applications and virtually the most unstable operating system ever designed by microsoft. (This fact acknowledged by microsoft during their Windows XP PR Campaign).

To quote Robert Boothman...

"You shouldn't bitch when something crashes under 98/ME, you should be glad it ran in the first place"

Some individuals consider ME a consumer level virus which infects and renders inoperable a wide array of normally stable applications.

Let me state once again.

No problem can be fixed until you get Windows ME off your system. Its not even worth troubleshooting.

After you get win2k + sp3 + latest hotfixes +latest mboard and video drivers installed, then post again.

You can also try starting 3dsmax with the 3dsmax.exe -h line and choosing software heidi.

If you don't know how to add -h to your executable, open a dos prompt, go to the directory 3dsmax is in, and type 3dsmax -h

If anyone else feels like wasting some time fixing an ME problem, be my guest.

Also in future posts, please consider using the "return" or "enter" key. It makes reading much easier.

03 March 2003, 03:02 AM
switch to 2k pro?!?!?!

i downgradeed from 2k pro because i had nothing BUT problems with it. every day windows was crashing when i had 2k pro. i went down to ME and now this is the only problem i have. and i had that even when i had 2k pro. and yes i had all the patches for it and all the drivers i needed. you couldnt pay me enough to go back to that OS. if i were to run a server, id prolly use 2k pro, actually, no i wouldnt, id use linux. i guess id never go back to that then.

03 March 2003, 03:05 AM
Guess your down the creek without a paddle then.

Sounds like your have some sort of system hardware problem, or incompatibility. If you feel like upgrading to XP or 2k, post again with your system specs, and I'll help you stabilize/fix the system.

03 March 2003, 03:12 AM
Gregs right, sakuramboo, winME is the buggiest piece of shizen operating system ever developed by man. I would definately go back to Win2K, if you dont want to do that you are probably even better off with 98... :shrug:

03 March 2003, 03:35 AM
everybody thinks that ME is the worst OS out there. its not the OS, its how everything i set up. if the computer is setup right, then there will be no problems. like i said, this is the ONLY problem i have. when i had win 2k pro, about 25% of the programs wont open, or if they did, it wouldnt work right. max would lock up, lightwave wouldnt display right. absoulty no games would run. the only thing i like about win 2k was my internet connection speed. i got it up to 3.8 mbs per second. that was the only thing i liked.

no, when i say its how youhave it set up, ME needs a minimum of 256 ram. i have 512. and my hard drive it partitioned 14 times. every program that i use the most has its own partition. having all your programs on 1 partition is one of the main reasons why computers will tend to lock up. my virtual memory has its own partition of 1.4 gigs. letting windows determine virtual memory settings will also cause lock up.

as i said, its not the OS, its now your computer is set up FOR that OS. and i also had win XP pro on my old computer. and i HATED the whole NTFS thing. and even more programs woundnt run than on 2k pro. i know the whole compatibility wizard should fix that. but it doesnt. win 98 is quite possibly the most sold OS out there. but im gonna stick with ME. as ive said before, only 1 problem i have. although, its a rather big problem, i had the same problem with 2k pro, plus every other problem i had. theres no way your gonna tell me that 2k pro is better, when ive expirenced more headache with 2k pro than with ME.

03 March 2003, 03:57 AM
I'd say you have either extremely bad luck, or some dodgy hardware then. The fact is Win2K is more stable than WinME, by a lot. It also handles memory better, NTFS is a far superior file system, etc etc

The large number of partitions could be a problem I guess. Keep your computers simple, & you have less room for problems. Theres not much point to so many partitions, I generally keep to 1 partition per physical drive.

03 March 2003, 04:07 AM
if your running ntfs, then the more partitions you have the worse it is yes. but in the case of ME, 9x, it should be set up like this.

C: windows
D: (set for virtual memory only)
E: what ever program you use the most. (3ds max)
F: 2nd most used program. (photoshop and illustrator)
then a partition for movies, mp3s, games, ect. this way, if something happens (i.e. a virus) itll only infect 1 partition. also, if you have to reinstall windows, all your programs and files that you spend so much time getting and working on, will still be there when your done. the only programs that need to be in the windows partition are those that alter windows its self (flashget, tweakui, ad-aware, firewall, ect.) and also, files will be read a lot faster. if you have winamp installed on your mp3 partition with all your mp3s, when its playing, it only has to look in that partition, not the whole 80gig (or what ever size you HD is) hard drive for the next song. in stead itll only scan the 3 gig partition. that will increase speed right there. if everything is on the same drive, its possible to have 1 song on the front of the HD and the next one is at the end. that slows down your HD.

03 March 2003, 04:46 AM
Why do people say ME is such a crappy OS? Here's why...

1) Windows 95/98/ME have a limitation to their physical memory allotment. The maximum available to each of these operating systems is a pansy 512 megs. You'll note that in the average CG workstation, there is usually a MINIMUM of 512 megs of ram.

2) Windows 95/98/ME only allows for the allotment of a single cpu. The OS is not multithreaded, and can not make use of a 2nd cpu in a dual processor system. Any advantage of a dual processor system is negated by the lack of coding within the aforementioned os's.

3) Windows 95/98/ME does not support Hyperthreading. The new Intel processors, starting with the 3.06 HT (3.2 HT, and older HT proc's coming soon), allow for a second logical processor to be used along with the physical, increasing performance. Using any of the above OS's negates this performance enhancement.

4) Windows 95/98/ME are not secure operating systems. Even a 4 year old child can bypass the default password screens. Just press cancel. More advanced pwd systems are easily bypassed by the thousands of security holes. Though security holes are normally a microsoft trademark, they are expodentially more prevalant in windows ME. Getting into your files is so simple, you might as well share your entire system online.

5) Fat32 is an inefficent filesystem, which has trouble dealing with large partions, and does not allow for pwd encrpytion on files, nor does it block 16 bit filesystems from accessing data. Fat32 was REPLACED with NTFS because of the advent of larger sized drives. You'll get more space and faster read/write/reponse times going with NTFS, over FAT32 on a 20+ Gig drive.

6) According to "MICROSOFT" Windows ME is 1/50th as stable as windows 2000, or XP Professional. Stability issues with Windows ME tend to occur anytime the system undergoes stress. Things like running multiple applications at once, tasking between them, while the OS is handling a large amount of memory, usually results in application crashes, lockups, and even BSOD's. The best argument against windows ME is to try and work in a 3d application, while working in photoshop. Then of course, there is only really one 3d application which even remotely ATTEMPTS to offer windows ME support. (In the big 4) And thats 3dsmax...which I can assure you...if you think its unstable in 2k, just wait till you see it in 98 or ME.

There is a reason the major cg partners do not support the "CONSUMER" operating systems. When those OS's are put to the test, in a stressful situation, their negatives and stability issues destroy productivity enough to warrant replacing any machine which may be running it.

03 March 2003, 05:34 AM
i have found a couple things in there that dont really matter. or is wrong.

1) Win ME does support over 512 megs. the only problem is you have to tell it to. there is a code in the regisrty file that lets you tell it how much ram you have.

2) i dont have a dual processor setup. so i really dont care about that.

3) im AMD all the way. so i dont care about hyperthreading.

4) this is my computer and mine alone. no one uses my computer so i dont care about the password.

5) if you would have read my posts, thats why i have 14 partitions. fat32 likes small partitions, so i gave them to it.

6) max was FAR more unstable with 2k pro than with ME. i guess you just skim the posts and not read them. if you read them, then youd know that ME has given me only 1 problem, while 2k pro was nothing BUT a problem. and also, lightwave actually works now!

i dont care what anyone sez, its all in how you set your computer up. if its set up like crap, itll run like crap. if its set up nice and orginaized, then itll run nice. as a user, you have to take responcibilty for you computer and take care of it, doesnt matter what OS your running, Windows will not fix everything on its own. the user has to.

03 March 2003, 12:32 PM
Win ME does support over 512 megs. the only problem is you have to tell it to. there is a code in the regisrty file that lets you tell it how much ram you have.;en-us;253912;en-us;311871;en-us;304943

Read. Even if you force ME to use more ram then its technically able to, it can't probably allocate it. Basically dead in the water past 512.

6) max was FAR more unstable with 2k pro than with ME. i guess you just skim the posts and not read them. if you read them, then youd know that ME has given me only 1 problem,

I was a discreet [FA] for three years. Don't give me this crap about 2k/XP instability. I consider this thread closed. Anyone who considers ME more stable then XP/2k is smoking the most bad ass crack pipe I've ever even imagined.

If you decide to start over again and try 2k/XP please start another post.

08 August 2003, 03:40 AM
Greg is 100% right as usual. :)

2k and xp are 100times more stable than ME for 3d appz, thats why renderers such as vray and brazil dont even support 98 and ME.

win98 and me are pathetic and handling memory, win2k and XP are much much much better.

The fact is that if you were having problems with win2k, and if it was crashing, and you could not run anything, then you had a hardware or software problem, or you had just not plain set it up properly.

I use win2k exclusively, i use 3dsmax, photoshop, games....the works.....every thing runs perfect 100% no yeah, go figure...i guess i must have a magical copy of 2k then :-)

Setting your computer up for the OS, is a small part of it...have good hardware, software and computer knowledge are the main points.

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