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03 March 2003, 10:52 PM
I exported my Cy-bot (from the Image comic, FUSED!) Hash model as a 4 poly per patch DXF, brought it into Cinema 4D XL 8 busted it up, regrouped, retextured and boned it. Well, I still have the fingers to do. It came over pretty well, and it renders REAL fast in C4D. Boning was a nightmare in C4D compared to AM, and I really miss the character tools in AM, but...C4D....RENDERS...SO...FREAKING...FAST! If AM rendered this fast and this good, I would be in heaven.

Here's a WIP. I still have some work on the shoulder pads, and I haven't boned the fingers yet, but I love the renderer in C4D.

and here's a link to the bigger render...
FUSED! Cy-bot WIP in C4D XL8 (

Now I have the model in both programs and plan on using both in future projects.

- pjc

My Fault
03 March 2003, 12:57 AM

Scary how much faster C4D, Lightwave and other 3d packages renderers are compared to AM's. I've been tossing models in to Lightwave and am getting between 10-20x speed increases with comparable quality. Hopefully Martin will keep moving in the right direction. I know part of it will probably take him admitting that his renderer isn't as good as he thinks it is. I will give him this, the new multi-pass stuff certainly produces some very clean renders albeit at a major speed cost.

03 March 2003, 01:13 AM
True about the render time.

This took 20 minutes on a dual PII to render at 800 X 1024, and the same thing in AM (well, there aren't any Area lights in AM) takes over 4 hours....

Martin's working on it tho! 10.5 is looking awesome, and then if they work on the speed, sheesh!

I love AM and would use it for all my projects if it had the renderer of C4D, but boning and rigging in c4D is just as bad as LW, Messiah....I think it's a polygonal thing :p

- pjc

03 March 2003, 04:34 AM
Your image is so cool and really inspiring. I agree that the shoulders need to be beefed up. But the sucker rocks! Glad that you posted this. Always wanted to try this. Did the AM mesh come in clean to C4D? I tried on my friends copy and it came in all faceted and not very smooth. In LW there were holes like mad. Had to "F" the polys like mad. F=Flip. But what do you mean busted it up? Why did you try this? Dont you feel like your re-inventing the wheel? Or did you want the model rendered in C4D? I agree I like C4D way more than LW.
Some questions--
I like AM for these reasons/I like modeling with patches especially organic models. Boning/animating in AM is a snap. Setting up lights is easy as heck. Great GUI and it makes sense.
How does C4D compare to this? Are the modeling tools there for cool organic models? IS boning really that bad in C4D? How far behind is AM to apps like C4D and LW? Is 10.5 really catching up/render quality/ to these apps? Will 10.5 finally bring AM some respect with render and capabilities? Just like you I want to do all my work in AM. I hope 10.5 gets us there.
Messiah is cool but playing with the demo - give me AM! I guess it is a poly thing!

03 March 2003, 09:19 AM
hey PJC - great render.
This thread makes me wonder what the result of the faster vs better poll ended up like.
I love C4D's renderer but for everything else give me AM. 4hrs is very long in AM but if the results are as good I might be tempted back to upgrade. Speed of render is not my biggest issue.

1 Qu to PJC though - I love AM and would use it for all my projects if it had the renderer of C4D
if you had started modelling in C4D, do you think your model would have changed significantly from the AM model? I've had C4D for years and still hate modelling with it.

03 March 2003, 06:48 PM
The AM mesh came in fine to C4D. I had to break it apart with "explode segments" into it's groups, but it worked fine. I had very few 5 point patches so there was only a little rework. I made the mistake of flipping the entire model when it was imported, and then when I exploded segments, they flipped back! D'oh! Point is don't flip,when it explodes if automatically does it.

It was like building the whole thing over! The reason I started was my issues with v9 of AM. Now I have 10 and everything is cool, but there are so many more objects, sets, models available for C4D to help build scenes for the comic book, that I went ahead and completed him in Cinema. Now I have the same model in two great packages!

Nothing is close to AM in setup. Cinema is on par with LW, and MAX with it's setup tools.

Boning in ANY poly package is a HUGE pain compared to Hash. I've heard that there is going to be a nice plug-in (don't know about cost) that will help auto-assign bones.

AM is far and above most packages in every way except for the Renderer. I can make pretty good images in AM, but Cinema is WAY WAY faster and has WAY more options (saves out layered P-shop files). 10.5 is getting there in quality, but not speed.

I want Area lights, tube lights, and real life falloff.

Like I said, if I could do everything in AM and have the Cinema 4D renderer I would be sooooo happy.

I would love to see Cy-bot in 10.5, but I use some Simbiont textures and they don't come over yet....

If I had started in Cinema the model would have looked exactly the same. It is modeled from the comic book character sketches that I have, as well as my pencils that I did to work out everything in 3D. It might have more HyperNurbs, but the look would be the same.

- pjc

03 March 2003, 03:29 PM
Hi PJC, that is exactly what I'm getting after!
I always thought that if I could use ElectricImages to render and hash to animate I would be set!
Speed of EI and ease of use in Hash, the combo would be dangerous.... alas... things are not that way.
Anyhows... don't know if you took a peek at the "hash and EI" thread but I've managed to figure a system
out to mesh character work with background elements in EI by exporting camera data from hash to an exact set in EI and the results thus far are pretty seemless.
I'll be posting more as the weeks go on... but great work on the model!
Mike Fitz

03 March 2003, 04:53 PM
Originally posted by PJC

Nothing is close to AM in setup.

- pjc

Nope. Its amazing how AM has hidden just enough of the hard math that goes into constraints/rigging to make it "easy". . . but never has that "I can't get the model to do what I want!" feeling most packages give you when you use their constraint systems.

You should probably look into Messiah PJC, it works with Cinema now and although comes 2nd place to AM in terms of ease of use. . . has some really amazing features and fantastic realtime feedback. . .

Its cool to see your work done in a renderer worthy of your vision. . . keep it up.

03 March 2003, 09:26 PM
Originally posted by 3DArtZ
I always thought that if I could use ElectricImages to render and hash to animate I would be set!
Speed of EI and ease of use in Hash, the combo would be dangerous.... alas... things are not that way.

Isn't that something like what the folks at Anzovin did. If I remember right, they made their models in Hash and exported to Lightwave. They then rigged and animated the original models in Hash, then through some magic trick exported the bones data into LW, to work with the exported model. I've no idea how they did it though.

PJC: do you find that 4 polys per patch gives a good enough approximation of the original surface? Or do you do any subdividing after import? Looks cool either way!

Ciaran Moloney

03 March 2003, 10:45 PM
4 was precise enough to give me the approximate curve of the AM model and still light enough to bone and then HyperNurb the final for a smooth surface.

- pjc

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