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04 April 2007, 08:24 PM
First off,
A big Hello to this well established community!

I'm a bloke from the land of roaming polarbears a.k.a Sweden!
I'm a new beginner to the whole concept of digital-art, or well to 3D art atleast.
I've been working a whole bit with Photoshop before, and trying to learn by whatching tutorials reading and so on.

In one tutorial the author kept going on about his C4D pictures, I got curious as I never seen that kind of graphics before and eventully ended up with a copy of Cinema 4D on my computer, but only to find out it was alittle harder then I expected! :)

Never the less, I kept looking for tutorials and so on and only noticed there's alot of tutorials using alot of diffrent programs etc, most programs I can get a hold on as alot of other friends already use these programs! (Through them I first heard about this extremly nice community!)

Well this is about me and how I found this site!

My questions are...(I want to learn more about Animation and 3D modelling, but unsure where to start)

What software/hardware is suggested?
Any books/DVD's you suggest me buying for basic instructions?

Thank you and maybe some day I'll post my first Swedish Polarbear on here ;)

04 April 2007, 02:38 PM
Donno if its ok to bump but....

04 April 2007, 09:17 PM
Hey Eken.

If you want to learn modelling, texturing, uvmapping or such, go to, or some other great site with tutorials. I'd think there is a sticky in every cathegory for tutorials (under modelling, animation and so on at cgtalk).

For animation, learn the principles. Buy "the animators survival kit" by richard williams, or "illusion of life". Then go to or and read more.

When it comes to software, download every single trial you can find, then work work work with them, the 30 days they work (pretty common usertime), maya PLE or some else free / cheap program, blender and so on. Its more or less a personal preference when it comes to software. I prefare maya though. Got previous experience from 3ds max and animation.


Animators survival kit by richard williams
Illusion of life by ?

Anatomy, muscles etc.
Animal anatomy by W. Ellenberger
Cyclopedia Anatomicae by Gyorgy..

3Ds max from concept to competion by barrett fox
Inspiring 3D short film production by ?

Digital lightning and rendering by jeremy birns (he can be found in the lightning section)

DVDs.. I'm not sure. Haven't seen so many. There is gnomon and stuff. Cannot come up with any good hints here. Oh yeah, jeff lew's animation DVD. The best. I hope this helped some. :) Keep in mind to study, study, study and work hard, it will pay off. Create something every day and you'll be an great artist too.


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