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04 April 2007, 09:52 PM
hello folks,

could we talk seriously about facial rigging in details ?

here is my link

I am not afraid to give some informations on my work if there is a feedback.

I had not a lot of chances on XSI community so i hope that here it will be more interesting.

The way is not to give some company secrets to light but to have a personal work with the
experience off all users.

So i propose you a rig challenge.

Here is the different points to acheive :

1 muscle system and a way to model a simple muscle with his contraction and bulge and why not his elongation in a physical approach or arbitrary approach

2 skin simualtion with tension elasticity and viscosity with strict physical approach
or arbitrary approach

3 a way to simulate wrinkles

5 colision simulation for the teeth

6 jaw articulation simulation

7 critical tension and how to smooth the skin region

8 a way to manage blendshape correction for subtle effects

9 finalisation of the project with the best solutions we found, and a way to transfer this rig
on another face

10 an animation of a character that use this system

The idea of this project is to try different technics and keep one for a practical
artistical and flexibal use.

I hope many people will answer to this first and unique challenge never exist on the net

May be the administrator can think about a particular section for this project, and make
some communication on it.

I will give a link of my project wich fill the 1, 5, 6 point for all the people
who want to investigate his self seriously in this challenge.

here is some interessant link of theorical and practical application wich helped me a lot: ( ( (

Excuse me for my bad english

all regards

Mind in motion

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04 April 2007, 09:52 PM
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