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04 April 2007, 05:22 AM
I have a rig that I have scaled up. I am trying to freeze the transformations on the bones, particularly the scale, and when I do the bones turn tiny and move out of place. Is there any way to freeze the transformations without this happening.

I'm also haveing a similar problem of the clusters on my spline IK spine blowing up when I try to freeze those transformations.

I need a solution pretty quick. Any help is appreciated.


04 April 2007, 04:55 AM
With clusters, you don't usually want to freeze transform those: Freezing transforms on deformers is not a good thing.

With joints, if you're using maya 7 or higher, there is usually a radius attribute which alters the display size of a joint (but does not affect performance in any way). When you freeze transform and the joint display becomes small, you can use this attribute to increase the joint display size. You can also use the joint size option in the Display menu of the main menu bar.

However, if you're scaling up a rigged joint hierarchy (with ik's and skinned meshes) I wouldn't recommend you freeze transforms on it, as this could also reset your joint orientation and cause other problems (maya wouldn't let yyou do it anyway, not with a skinned mesh attached to a joint). It would be ok if it was just a joint hierarchy that you needed to scale up to fit to a character (but then you'd have to check if your joint orientations were stil correct), but if it's rigged forget about it. To be able to uniformly scale a joint hierarchy with joints set to segments scale compensate, though, just group the root and scale the group equally in x, y and z. You don't have to freeze transforms on the group in the case of a rigged skeleton.

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