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04 April 2007, 10:42 AM
Hello, my name is Gabe, I go to school for Graphic Design at The Chubb Institute, Parsipanny NJ. I havent had much schooling in the 3d department, no animation or visual effects classes. So pretty much self taught learning as I go.However, I am finding out more and more this is what I am insterested in and like to do.
(maybe "Chubb" wasnt the best choice after all)

things to note for critics:
-I know the film quality is terrible, (esp. in dragon scene)changing constantly, something I learned while making this. I used the "film" option on a $100 digital camera so yea i need some equipment if I wanna get serious.
-I hope to focus on modelling/texturing in the future and I know my animation skills are sub-par at best.

Created using 3dsmax+After Effects (lil flash interface for intro/outro)
2007 Am Demoreel ( (

04 April 2007, 05:17 PM
cmon you all know we post here for commments, critiques, and tips.

Lets see em.

04 April 2007, 05:55 PM
Not a bad reel! Now dont take what I'm about to say in a negative way because I do not mean it to be negative, hopefully this will help you out a little...

First thing that I dont like has nothing to do with your actualy demo reel. You put "amateur" in the post and you don't seem to feel very strongly about your own work. Never do this. It puts off a bad vibe before anyone even watches your reel. If you feel your work is just subpar, do not put it on a demo reel definately. Only put your BEST work, even if it's 10 seconds long. If this is your best work and YOU are happy with it, then it is okay to put it on a reel, but if you have any doubts about any piece, do not include it. And never make an excuse about your work, just let people view it. You have some good stuff on there too. I would say that "Bender" is your strongest piece right now for me. The animation is a little off, but it'll be there with a little more tweaking. Maybe find a reference of bender walking and tweak to that reference. Modelling and texturing looks good to me on him. Last thing is let people know what you do (either 3D, video, generalist) in the front of your reel. I can't get a grip on what you do so it's hard to view your work and critique it.

A few last minor things....
- The intro is too long and too much fluff - shorten it - the logo and animation are actually pretty slick, just make it very quick and get to the reel with your work.
- Personally, I did not like the whole green screen with you talking on it. And for the industry this is bad because a lot of people do not listen to the sound when viewing a reel (this is common), so I would cut that and just stick some text in there with what you do and contact information.

I hope my suggestions help you out some. Check out this link below, it is kind of a good guideline to what people look for in reels and the technique that this industry uses for viewing reels. A lot of articles and things to check when making your reel.


-Chase Cooper-
Character TD (

04 April 2007, 07:05 PM
you got some good stuff and some less,

you got quite a lot of things you show i think you should focus on one work

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04 April 2007, 07:05 PM
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