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03-24-2007, 03:53 AM
Hi , my name is John Stifter , Im 24 years old ...Iv been using 3D programs for 2 years now. This Sci-fi horror CGI animation made with Maya Alias and Zbrush took me half a year to make. These animations are a collection of work produced while I was learning Maya and other programs. It was never intended to be a video sequence but simply a previz for a script that will later become a live action film. It depicts a future human-machine military in combat. Inspired by the United State's Future Force Warrior project and DARPA's network centric warfare. Being a collection of animation tests for a future film there is some sort of continuity which gives it more of a trailer feel then a demo reel. The story follows the lives of two soldiers Trekk and Orion as the world spirals into a third war in the rapidly changing future....

This video is about a year old now. I am currently working on a short sequence that will blow all the competition out of the water.

Visit its source at www.quantumcathedral.com (http://www.quantumcathedral.com)

I guess right click to download it... it is about 140MBs since it is a 6 mins and HD 1280x720
www.quantumcathedral.com/PREVIZ-HD-DEMO2_JOHN-STIFTER.wmv (http://www.quantumcathedral.com/PREVIZ-HD-DEMO2_JOHN-STIFTER.wmv)
..turn up the volume and enjoy, let me know what you think

03-25-2007, 09:35 AM
this is a small different Previz demo reel. Just recorded playblasts of animations. PREVIZ DEMO REEL (http://www.quantumcathedral.com/PREVIZ-DEMOREEL555.wmv)

and one more thing, my Broadcast reel. Video that has been on TV or in trailers Broadcast reel (http://www.quantumcathedral.com/BROADCAST-REEL.wmv)

both are about 10 MBs:)

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03-25-2007, 09:35 AM
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