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03 March 2003, 07:08 AM
does anyone have some info comparing and contrasting shake to combustion. thanks

03 March 2003, 03:33 PM
Combustion falls somewhere between Shake and AfterFX, so I dont think you can really compare the two.

Combustion is basically layers, even tho they can be presented as nodes. Shake is strictly nodes.
Even tho you can do most of the things in Combustion that you can do with Shake, it doesnt really work the other way around, Shake is much more specialized than combustion! In combustion you can create stuff from scratch with the 3D environment, texttools, painttools, particleeffects etc, Shake is almost explicitly created to combine existing elements, and as such its the best tool for it, as well as for creating procedural and manual mattes, but it would be a nightmore to try and create any sort of motiongraphics or effects from scratch with it.

Compare Combustion to AfterFX, and compare Shake do digital fusion or NUKE :) Shake is essentially just a GUI for a big scriptengine, the GUI (as oppose to pure scripting) was one of the highlights of v2.0 ;)

Strongest sides of combustion is keying, tracking, colorcorrection, 3D with OpenGL and particles among a lot of other things.
Downside is a very stubborn interface and workflow, its combustions way or the highway...

Strongest sides of Shake is rotoscoping, tracking, colorcorrection, keying, layering, matting, scripting, openness, macros, speed, etc.
Downsides.. well, there are major pitfalls if you're looking for an all-round 2D app, and it can be quite buggy, esp with refreshing of paint and rotosplines, and not to mention that the app is effectively killed after the acquisition, it's not something to invest in unfortunately. + it costs 10 times more than combustion.

Strongest side of AfterFX is non of the above, but it IS great for motiongraphics/design, tons of layers, great all-round 2D app, has some 3D capability, great connections with other adobe apps and a lot of editing suites, but with a lot of weak point in the high-end area, relies heavily on 3rd party plugins.

my 0.02

03 March 2003, 05:19 PM
thanks, just what i was looking for. very helpful. thanks again!


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