View Full Version : CG western horror comic/animation

03 March 2007, 03:57 AM
I have begun writing a script for an animated comic series about a man in the Western US during the civil war or shortly after. It is a horror concept based upon Dante's Inferno, the main character being the Son of Perdition, taking the fool's journey or "being the prodigal son".

Each episode will be based upon a tarot card, taking him one step closer to Hell and his destiny.

I'll send a sample from the script to anyone interested. th escript is not complete and is very much a work in progress. Some 3d character development has been done. the design concept I have is borrowed perhaps a bit from Dali... elongated features... thin characters and animals... twisted landscapes.

drop me a line at ( or reply here if interested in talking.

here is a shot of some of the character work: