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03 March 2003, 05:31 AM
I am thinking of buying motionbuilder. I am using several programs that I want to work it across.

Question 1: Does Motionbuilder export BVH motion files?

Question 2: Does it import dxf, 3ds, obj, etc?

Question 3: Does Motionbuilder provide rendering or is just the realtime view?

Queston 4: Is it easy to use? How easy? What would you say the learning curve is?

Question 5: How long did it take you to learn effectively how to use it?

Your answers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance:wavey:

Michel Besner
03 March 2003, 12:17 PM
1 yes you can export BVH
2. you can import 3ds files as well as import content from any application that supports FBX.
3. We provide an OpenGL based renderer
4. I will let users answer you this one but from what i know, quite easy ...


03 March 2003, 03:21 PM
Thank you for answering my questions. It is really nice to see a rep for the company on this sight.

I have to tell you I am really impressed with your company. I really respect them. Charging a 100 dollars to folks and making a wonderful program, a high end program affordable, but then having the Corporate Price as well for the production houses and such. Very good. Thanks for making it affordable for all and keeping this love of cg and animation within the bounds of average people. I mean 2,000 is not something people spend everyday on 1 program. You guys were smart and cornered the market for home folks as well as corporations with your innovative tool. I hope other companies will take that approach to it, instead of wasting so much money on finding ways to fight piracy on people who will crack it days before it comes out and the average user who will be tempted to take it cause they could never afford it. Thats one way to attack the problem. You guys are the model. Make it for two sets of people, home and small business or the little guys, and for corporations and larger production houses, the big boys. Thank you. I hope other companies learn to follow, and learn to corner the home market. I hope this doesn't turn into a whole flame war. I really just wanted to thank you guys for being reasonable and thinking about all the little guys out there and making this program available for all. Much respect


So to the rest how easy is it to learn and use by personal usage?

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