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03 March 2007, 10:48 AM
I'm a visual-communications student (you can say graphic design), 4th year in Holon Institue of Technology, Israel. I'm getting to my final project (which I have to finish in 3 months from now) and my project requires a programmer for recognizing motion (and its velocity) and collision in real time videos.

We're all one, in the spiritual meaning. It means that we're all part of a collective, and also we're the collective itself (you may call the collective god). If you look deep into yourself, you see that your body, senses, thoughts, emotions and all those are tools only, and you stay with nothing but a very empty "I". This I you could put in any body and be someone else, so if we do it in all people, animals, plants and objects in the same time, we get the collective, the world. You can get even farther to put it in other worlds, whatever they're are to include all that is and all that isn't. So this small "I" is infact everywhere, it's also the collective - he just forgot he is this for the aim of playing the part of himself.
So, if we're all the same one, and we all in the bottom line have the same aim - to be happy and to have more from what we want, it'll be stupid to work against each other, instead of working together for the purpose.

I want to visualize that concept, and do it as yielding an experience as I can. I want to let people see themselves in a video, and see how they're react affects the others. The concept is not total closed, and has to be checken, but I want to show abstract instead of the people. The abstract will be in the places they are and will have the meaning of their actions - trying to recognize gentle movements as good will for pleasant breathing alive abstract and in the other side to recognize violent abstract (fast, sudden collisions) and bring out strident dark abstract out of it.
In the end you'll see as a big metabolism reacting with himself, hurting itself or revivng itself - and those actions will be infront of the people doing them.

I can do 3D modeling, texturing and so on, enough to get the results I need, I also can paint, do stop motion, after effects, video editing etc. etc. In the bottom line, I can do the graphics and bring it in the form the programmer needs so the project will work.

The abstract doesn't have to be totaly mathematically, but already made models/animations - variants of them, and we'll composite them together to give the impression of variaty and random. By this, the programmer can focus on the recognition part of the code, and less on doing mathematical graphics (maybe accept some particles if we have time and knowledge).

For me, this project is more then just a final project (otherwise I'd do a simple movie and even find a more simple topic), but a message for humanity, hoping it'll affect someone, and if it works well, I'll want to push it farther from the 2 weeks exhibition my institute will do in the end of the year to other exhibitions in Israel, or even farther if it really gets its the attention.

I hope 3 months is enough and I'll find someone who will to cooperate with me. If you think 3 months is not enough, but a year and 3 months is, I may consider delay my graduation in a year, and only for the purpose of the project.

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03 March 2007, 10:48 AM
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