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03 March 2007, 10:36 AM
Hey People ,
I dont really know if it deserves to be called an advanced techinique , and im hoping some of you already know about it , so you can help me figure it out if there is a way to get through this .

This image is the one of the Arm that i have on my rig .

Notice that while moving the IK control , the hand doesnt rotate . This is a common technique which im sure all of you guys know , and we use it 'coz the animator may not want to move the wrist along with the arm at many times , eg. of such being a movement of the palm across the table . Here i've done it by linking the palm to the Spline Controller . The IK is linked to the small dummy , which has it's Link Inheritance of Rotation set to none for all axis's . The dummy is then linked to the Spline controller , thus allowing the above movement , but without rotating the IK . Overall i would imagine it as a sufficient set up . I've mimicked a few Pro rig's and they kinda had the same thing . So i was overall happy with this .

The problem started when i started animation , and i kinda realised soon enough that although there are a lot of places this ability of having wrist rotation independent to arm rotation is usefull , for ease of animating stuff like walk cycles i need the ability of the wrist rotating to accomodate the movement arm , i.e. as shown in the following image :

This was done simply by linking the palm to the little wrist ball over there , which is actuall the end point of the IK . Now i have the ability of rotation , but not of wrist control .

If your still with me , i am gratefull to you immensely . Now for the main part . My question is that is it possible to create a Switch , i.e. a Boolean Attribute or something of the sort that can :

Case A : Switch between the parenting of the palm between the Spline Control and the small wrist ball .


Case B : Switch the Link inheritance for rotation(X,Y,Z) of the palm ON or OFF at will .

Anyone will the solution to this will get a virtual cookie , along with my thanks and grovelling at their respective feet . :thumbsup: . What do i need to do to get this functionality . Do i have to script it in or what ?? Thanks a lot in advance to all those who bore this long session of torture , and please help me find a answer to this issue .

03 March 2007, 09:52 PM
err orientation constraint between the wrist and the hand control? build a CA with a slider and wire its attribute to each target:


03 March 2007, 03:36 PM
Thanks a lot for your advice . *throws himself upon thou feet* . I made a Boolean to work with it , and it seems to work fine .

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03 March 2007, 03:36 PM
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