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03 March 2007, 11:37 PM
my names Joseph Tan, an independant filmmaker from the U.K.
I'm currently putting the finishing touches to a script I've been working on for a few years titled "The Last Ninja", a feature film based on an old videogame concept from the late 1980's.

Once the script, costumes and props have been completed I plan on shooting the feature entirly in a green screen studio, with the enviroments created later in a computer, which is why I'm posting.

I'm in need of CG artist willing to build the world that will eventually contain the characters within the movie. I'm after both organic enviroments (forests, beaches, oceans, grasslands) as well as man made (houses, temples, cities ect).

Very few animated shots will be needed so rendering time shouldnt be too much of a problem, its more the actual creation of the enviroments that'll be the time consumer.

If the project is of any interest to you feel free to contact me here, through PM or through my official website, which is: (

Through my site you can access all my films todate. I've done 3 features, 10 shorts, one music video and 2 documentries (the focus being on the production of my feature films).

Overal theres over 5 hours of material online and available for free. Let me know what you think and I look forwards to reading your replies soon,

Joe Tan (dir)