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03 March 2007, 01:33 PM
Hey people ,
I've recently made this character rig in 3ds Max , and was planning to use it to go foward into the character animation aspect . However , im not sure if this rig is sufficient , or even workable . I was trying some basic animation of the dude sitting on a box , looking kinda bored and all I needed was for him to move his leg in a repitative motion banging the side of the box, and I was at it for an entire Sunday before I realized that the effort was futile , and it was plainly too difficult to try and animate . The IK thing totally carved a hole in my brain , and I was too frustrated . Please , I would be very gratefull if some of you seasoned veterans would have a peek at this noob's rubbish , and tell me where the hell am I going wrong , whether the rig is correct or whether the animation technique I'm trying is wrong or what not . Thanks a lot in advance .

The File is as follows :

03 March 2007, 08:43 PM
hi Xedus, :)

the rig looks very primitive, but since u are a begginer i can tell there are some changes u need to do in your rig to make it more animatable.

-Like for example dont link the leg controls to the hip control. So this would allow the leg to lock to the ground if u pull the Hip control.
-Have a master Root Control which is the parent for all. like when u move the main control you can move the whole rig.
-having dummy's as animatable controls will be looking little mess in the view port. Instead u can try using Splines.
-dont give spinner controls for hip bends, since animators like myself will always like to have more control over them. Instead u can just simply parent them to the corresponding controls.
at present the spinner is so much constraining the RIG to bend over and sideways.
-Usually i used to give all the controls in the viewport itself, i hate going often to Control Panel and adjusting those spinners. Instead i can just move and rotate the Controls in Viewport itself.
-I would suggest you to go to
or buy his Rigging DVD's from here
- or go to and have a look at 3DSMax rigging pro "demo movie" ( later u can buy it here - (

hope my info helps you. Good luck :)

03 March 2007, 07:07 AM
Hey Rajesh ,
Thanks for your reply ,

1> I think i have made use of a ROOT control . It's the Big Blue cube at the cenre .l Is'nt that right ??

2> The Dummy withn the ROOT is the pelvic control . That is only linked to the Torso , and ive not linked it to the feet , just as you have said .

3> I realized that the spinner controls ive put for the torso are shit . I'll be rectifying them immediately , and instead be putting controls to directly control the bend .

4> I dont like putting splines as controllers , but it seems that all professionals use them , from what ive seen in hte rigs i downloaded from the net , so i'll start putting it into habit .

Thanks again , as well as for the Links . I might post a refurbished model or a new one soon .

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03 March 2007, 07:07 AM
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