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03 March 2007, 06:00 AM
Hello to all,

I was wondering if anyone had any consistent success exporting objects from Vue5 infinite.

The issues I am having is Vue5 always spending a lot of time on exporting an object, such as a terrain object or tree/foliage object.

The size and complexity of the object doesn't seem to matter. It seems that no matter how large or small the settings I use to export an object, it is always a gamble if I am going to get an object exported or not.

The complaints Vue 5 Infinte gives are always about being 'out of memory' and 'not enough disk space'.

The version of Vue 5 Infinite I am using is:
5.11-02 Build 285692

My system specs:
Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2GHz
ASUS P4P800-E Mobo rev 1.xx 1003.004
2 GB ram
4 hard drives with 100's of GBs of free space.

Here are sreenshots of the error messages I get all the time with Vue 5 Infinite:

Can anyone say if Vue 6 is, um, more reliable regarding exporting objects?

Are the problems I have with Vue 5 Infinite solvable? Are there methods or rules to always generally use to export objects reliably?

I like the look of Vue's terrain and foliage objects, and would like to bring them into other 3D programs, but Vue 5 exporting has always been a gamble.

Any response is appreciated,


03 March 2007, 08:39 AM
Hi Steven,

I'm no real expert on this subject, but I have exported a few objects from vue to lightwave, and going on those images, there is a LOT of detail in the terrains...Are they procedural terrains?, cos I'm not sure you can export procedural terrains (dont quote me on that). You might want to try export a standard terrain with less detail and see how you go.

Heres a link to my videos, working between vue and lightwave.

Heres another link, if the above doesnt work...look for "vue5 compositing lightwave"

I think you might want Vue xStream..might be a better option.


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03 March 2007, 08:39 AM
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