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03 March 2007, 09:39 PM
Ok, first of all keep in mind that im not a C++ guru or professional programmer, I have no training whatsoever, wait i lied, im in programming 12 in my high school except thats just like console applications and basic mfc and i knew that long before.So mainly I dont have any really schooling for programming except what I taught myself. I just do programming aside from 3D and 2D art, anyways.

Ok, i started making a game engine, im using OpenGL for its api however im gonna make it so you can choose between directX and opengl. Its entirely coded in C++ and currently isnt to far developed but it will eventually come along. Nevertheless heres a preview of it.

Preview 1:

Preview 2:

Preview 2 is further developed/latest version, Preview 1 has the FPS counted by fraps so if you dont belive me that the FPS's are always above 100 (Peaks at 927 FPS). But as I add in more effects i expect them to drop dramatically.

Enjoy, tell me what you think.

03 March 2007, 11:26 PM
Looks really nice.

A am currently trying to make a movable camera in openGL and it turned out the be much harder than what I first thoght it should be. Are your making it open source? I would love to see how you did the camera class

Also, do you have some form of progres blog or something? I have see a lot of other people are having that and I would like to see how you started and developed.

Again, nice work so far.

03 March 2007, 06:33 AM
Lol no kidding, camera classes or creation in OpenGL is a huge pain. However I have not suffered with that pain yet, the movement you see in those videos are just using
glRotatef and translation. However I am gonna make it so you can add cameras in which will support strafe and mouse movement more than just the rotation and zooming that you see.
But first im trying to get most the basic elements down first.

Lol ya a blog, well I have a website but its not up yet cuz im still working on it. Its just gonna have a blog and then a section for my Art and section for my programming. Ill let you know when its online.

But if you wanna kno anymore questions or anything just ask, even if you wanna know how a did a feature just ask and ill get right back to you on it. =)

How did I start:

Well about a year ago I started learning C++ properly and actually started being motivated in making a real game rather than fooling around with crap such as game maker, dont get me wrong Game maker is a fantastic piece of software but if i wanna make a game with realtime lighting and soft shadows well game maker is gonna have trouble cutting it. So I started learning opengl, and developed a crappy engine over about 5 months, had a basic particle engine, movement, .3ds loading... But it had many problems, the draw sequence was wrong and only allowed rotation while the mouse was moving or while a key was being pressed. And it used up 100% cpu usage at all times. Not to nice. So i started to reprogram my game engine. Starting from nothing... Then two weeks later I have this. So big jump for me, i have learned much since that first game engine attempt. So now my engine runs at 100+ FPs at all times, only like 8%-15% Cpu usage, and the draw sequence is flawless. But i have so much more to add to make it what I want, currently Its using OpenGL with Win32/with MFC... Planning to add in DirectX10...

My Plan:
Built on modules.

Framework module, handles the main window and just map editor framework.etc
OpenGL Module, Deals with OpenGL rendering and functions
DirectX Module, Deals with DirectX rendering and functions
Software Render Module
Hardware Render Module
Camera Module

Just modules for everything each module will consist of a DLL, classes, header, cpp file...

This way if im porting this all to say WindowsXVista3000 In the year 2045 Lol!.Or just to a different platform.. I can just say ok I needa change the framework then go to the framework module and change the window drawing code and includes and nothing else will be affected and I makes stuff much easier to change and debug, anyways enough chat i just wanna make a good game engine. =)

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