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03 March 2003, 07:07 PM
Here's the situation: For the past year, my laptop has been in the same spot on my table with an SMC wireless network card (802.11b). I've never moved that laptop if at all and have never removed the network card if at all and it has been working great for a good year.

And for some odd reason, the wireless card last night all of a sudden, would not work. The night before, it worked fine. Didn't install any new software, system config has been the same ever since day 1. All of a sudden, last night I booted up, and I knew something was wrong because even while starting up, not even in windows yet, the little signal light started blinking (it shouldn't blink). On a solid connection, the light stays on. Now, the card keeps scanning and scanning and scanning but can never seem to associate itself onto the network. I even took my laptop practically next to the router/access point but it still can't access. My router settings have not changed either. I reset my router too, and still no go. The packet filtering settings are still the same, MAC address controls are the same, adn the IP #'s are the same.

Could it be that my wireless network card has seen the end of it's days?? :hmm:

And the router/access point itself still works. One of the other systems on my network was streaming from the mp3 server just fine.

03 March 2003, 02:15 AM
K, now I know why my network card dun work. My bro messed with my router settings and erased MAC addresses that he should not have. Allow me to express my irritating with such non-733t behavior from my brother who shall be an unnamed member of this forum. -.-"

PArdon the public humiliation, it must be done.

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