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03 March 2003, 10:56 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm aware that there's been a lot of intrest in my rigs, especially the mouse, and spine, so ive included them here:

mouse, elephant, dog, spine:
right-click save target as:
(please only use the rigs/anims for research only)

Im gunna be doing a total overhaul of my setups, with more advance features i.e ik/fk switching. Also there's been a lot of instrest in doing rigs for people, which im happy to do, but may need some help on skinning as im rubbish. As with my facer8 rig, its taking time, I will get it done but work cuts into my hours massively, and trying to squash a 7 month rig in to a easy tutorial is no easy task. The main problems is getting poses blendable, and im close, hopefully beta testers should be online end of this week. Also im thinking of doing a clean thread, with the just facer8 tutorial on it. All and try to do my own animation and start some kinda studio. Ahhhh

What would people like to see/have in a rig. Stretchy spine is an intrest but the problem here is when its stretchy and when its not.


03 March 2003, 04:46 AM
hey eek thanx for sharing ur rigs,

surely can help u out in skinning which i normaly employ for my characters, its very basic i hope it will be of ur help. will take 2 or 3 days to assemble all the stuff.

anyway thanx again

03 March 2003, 05:08 PM
Hey I would like to see what you have but I use maya 4.5.

03 March 2003, 08:12 PM
Hey eek,

Thanks very much for the rigging examples. These will help me I'm sure, as I learn more.



06 June 2003, 12:48 AM
hey, thanks for sharing Eek, i will learn a lot from those. :bounce:

I'm wondering how you would do a bird rig, i'm having a lot of trouble to come up with it. Any help ?

Cool how you use regular objects instead of bones. makes much more sense to get a feel of volume. You gotta love this feature of max.

how does the skin modifier works with this? it places the envelope along the longest axis of the object right? wouldn't it be great if the skin modifier could use the volume itself of those objects ? C'mon Discreet, give this whole skinning thing an overhaul.

06 June 2003, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the rigs eek, I am in the process of trying to animate a quadruped at the mo using boned primatives. Im dnlding your rigs and will take a look at them tomorrow, still looking foward to your facer rig been keeping in touch with your thread and its looking ex.

Im trying to find a thread that was posted a while ago with a link to a .mov of a tan coloured cat walkcycle animated using primatives if anyone can tell me who did this I would be grateful.

Thanks again eek.

06 June 2003, 10:55 AM
hi Cyberdigitus,

Bird rigging is pretty complicated in any situation. And theres only 2 real method.1 you have 2 rigs a rig with the wings open and one closed. 2 have a rig that can do both.

Its how you want to animate the bird that really counts. If you want it all fk or not. I set up a rig like this a while ago. Whereby i had around 5 bones for the wing controlled by constraints.You had a control to open and close the wing. And standard controls for the main bones.

Basically i still use bones to rig a character but have 2 display modes 1 fully skinned up and a chopped up low poly version parented to the bones.I use chopped up version as its quicker in viewport and as u say gives a better sence of volume.


Quadraped walk cycles are pretty standard once you get the hang of it. horses generally do transverse walks and gallops, 3,4,1,2 step wise. Where as dogs and cats do rotary walks, 4,3,2,1. Then you get crazy stuff like double suspended rotary gallop like grey hounds. Its all to do with the gait and the timing.
With a walk the foot is longer on the ground than in the air, vice versa for running. Between these you get things like trots, and canters. also with a quadraped the front legs are exactly half a step out from the back legs. So when the back legs are at there passing position the front are at there full extention. It gives the sence that the front legs are being kicked by the back. Also you get the classic wave motion of the hips and chest. The step and gait has to be exact, (time in air/on ground). Otherwise the front feet will catch up to quickly, then be spot on then behind. I generally start with a 0 - 24 frame step start. So starting with hind foot back moves to its full extention a frame 10 then back. I generally work with the end number being even - seems to work for me. This is the principle of it all including bipeds, its controlled falling. Your falling onto the step.

If you need anymore help give us a shout.


06 June 2003, 02:32 AM
I had a look at your rigs they are really making me think. I have set up a rig in the past, using points and dummy's so I could practise making a biped to use at times like now.
Which I got from a tut by Michael Reiser at 3dcafe.

But I have'nt seen anything as simple yet sophisticated as your spines and setups. (teaching myself might explain that). I am definately going to have to mull over your rigs for a few days and work out the constructions.Using 4.2 so I hope I'm not missing anything, don't appear to be.

The setups I am using at the mo are only linked box's (laid out like character studio) and then bones switched on. Pretty primative hehe, just for animatible and deformation tests. That will change now.

Thanks for the info on quads, much appreciated.
For walks, by transverse, do you mean RF (right front) LR (Left Rear) stepping in time etc.
and cats and dogs RF RR stepping in time. If so, it is really the hips and shoulders that I have to get the timing sorted and front and back view. Will have to study those rigs again.

If you split your model up into parts, like the rigs you have just so kindly shared. Do you skin that with the complete model and tweak deformations and then hide during rendering.

Thanks again for sharing your rigs and the info on locomotion.

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