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03 March 2007, 01:18 PM (

Title: ShishaZ
Name: Gustav Große
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

--> !!! FOR CG-TALK CONSIDERATION !!!:I've uploadet this image 2 times before, but none of it was accepted....i couldnt find it in the Forum, but just in my personal portfolio, so I've uploadet it here once more and please you to accept it this time...
thank you (please delete this note, which is just important for the considaration) <--

This image was made with Cinema 4D....
it shows 3 big shisha pipes and i modelled it just 4 fun, using Lathe Nurbs and Simple Particle Emitters from Pyrocluster.

Colors and contrasts, as well as the Smoke, were corrected in Picture Publisher 10, a more or less simple tool (compared 2 Photoshop), but 4 my targets, more then enough.

CritiX + CommentZ are welcome

03 March 2007, 08:15 AM
It's boring. They look more like three cloned objects with different colors. Makes it look more like a WIP test render (or a preview image of an object being sold on Turbosquid (yuck)). Also, I can't tell if the JPEG quality is bad or not, or if the sampling could be a lot better if you look at the edge details. And speaking of edges, the base edges for each shisha could use some refinement (read: smoothing). It's not a problem if you're not looking at the base of each object specifically, but since the scene doesn't really have much of a focal point for attention, my eyes easily wander. The embers of the tobacco/hashish/whatever also need to be a little brighter... right now it looks just like a dull flan-shaped lump of clay covered in orange and gray paint.

My suggestion is to liven up the scene a bit. First, if you're going to have multiple shishas I'd put some variation in them, and put them into a scene keeping them as a focus for attention. Really, with such nice contour-laden glass objects they would be remarkable focal points in a scene. Another thing I would do is not put them on a very reflective surface. The primary reasons are: 1) It's what every raytracing/reflection enthusiast loves to do, and 2) It's overkill. It would look a lot better if on a nice surface where you could view some nice caustics effects.

Second, work on lighting. I'd like to reiterate that this would go best in an entire scene where you have an environment surrounding the entire group of shishas. The current setup where the scene fades to black in the distance won't help, and it looks especially horrible for glass objects, especially when the only thing that the objects are sitting on is a reflective plane. If you can get an illuminated environment around the shishas with appropriate lighting, it will definitely make the glass shaders work to their full potential. Just make sure the surrounding environment doesn't completely drown out the shishas. You could either use depth of field to blur out the background or don't fill the background with too many contrasting colors.

Finally, smoke effect is great! I'd tone the thickness down just a bit and have it float around a bit more.

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03 March 2007, 08:15 AM
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