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03 March 2007, 06:16 PM
Some questions/ frustrations..(since we just switched to maya from max)
While weighting, i hit "f" to zoom in on my rig..and it zooms out? Weighting a finger is horrible, while trying to rotate around it.
I select one bone, and it looks like i have 20 selected. Any way around this? (besides hypergraph)
Ahem.. hide an element?.. so i can fix weighted verts behind something? I'm really surprised layers cannot hide subselections of a mesh.
And if i rclick,.. and go to face mode then go to select some faces,.. it then selects the bones underneath. ??.. shouldn't maya go to component mode automatically when i go to face mode?
And if I rclick on a bone,. paint,.. then riclick on another bone... the paint weight dialog shows i have 2 bones selected,.. which it not actually is.

Also, i'm using david waldens and comets scripts too.. and both you have to dig for the bones in the dialog to assign vertex weights. grrrr..

All i can say is i hope autodesk adds max's skinning tools to maya,.. max was a complete joy compared to this.

03 March 2007, 09:43 PM
are you kidding..max a complete joy over maya for skinning?? well my experience was really different then. maya is a breeze to skin compare to max for me.
anyway to your problem isome seem very strange, anyway here is a shot at it.

Here is wat I do, I use to have two different panel, one with only the bones one with only the skin (same camera of course), that way you can select in one paint in the other that will get rid of one of your seelction problem.

I've never encounter the problem where two joint are selected in the paintWeight editor are you using maya 8.5 because I've never skinned in that version so maybe it's a problem there?

Also don't forget you can actually select a bunch of face or vertex and "F" on it so it will lock the focus on those part this should help you with rotating aronud the part you need.
it should works with only the bone selected, but bones will actully feet in the middle of the bone, so sometime it can be bothering I agree.

Also use the show--> isolate selection on the panel it helps with the display and you can that way only select the face you need and and see only those.( should be easier with those fingers :)..) you really need to have a shortcut for that it will stream you workflow a lot, I know I use it all the time I have " alt+c" so i can rotate around select a bunch of face "alt+c" and only see those face. (if you really want to be picky you could automatically transform your selection to face if ever it's vertexes or edges you have). look for the sticky thread maya secret tips you'll find all the script for that.

I use david walden scipt too and it's very usefull, but they also work with the right click on the bones noramlly no? from what I rememenber it worked.

Finally a good tip is to know that you'll be able to actually select vertex and this will enable you to paint weight only for that selection, it's very usefull mostly with the smooth fonction.

any more question just shoot..


03 March 2007, 12:44 AM
"Finally a good tip is to know that you'll be able to actually select vertex and this will enable you to paint weight only for that selection, it's very usefull mostly with the smooth fonction."

now that i did now know.. thanks.

yah.. I'm using 8.5. If you rclick and paint say the clavicle,.. then rclick and paint the hip bone.. and look in the paint weights editor.. both are highlighted. On my machine anyways.

The f button.. yeah,.. it kinda works. Maybe I could set up focus to always focus as i rotate. Because I keep having to hit f. (Max lets you rotate around selected,.. whether you pan left or right or zoom away. Quite nifty.

For some reason the David Walden script is not in alphabetical order, (The one from comet-cartoons is which really helps. )..

Is there a way to isolate selection but leave the bones visible? Ha.. just figured it out.

thanks for the tips man

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03 March 2007, 12:44 AM
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