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03 March 2007, 09:20 PM
hey sorry for a question about such a fundamental thing but im very new in 3d and i dont know where i can find the answere!

the question: i created a face and now i want to create a uv-map to texture it. the problem is that i always get a uv-map from the front view by using planar map like so
but in all tuts its shown with like so

what am i supposed to do to let it look like this!
thx for ur help =)

03 March 2007, 09:37 AM
when you are inside the UV texture editor use the cut UV's from the neck to the forehead. after that you can select the faces on the side of the head and do a new planar projection. after that you can use the move and sew tool to sew the edge together were you want to. after that try the unfold tool. and maby the relax tool.

You should look for a tutorial. Im sure there are plenty! :-)

I hope this was any help to you.

03 March 2007, 04:36 PM
Thanks a lot! =)

03 March 2007, 12:19 PM
Although I think you should learn/practice UV unwrapping manually, there are many free plugins that will aid you in your journey.

One that I've used recently is the RoadKill plugin located at . With this, you define the edge you wish to unwrap around(in this case the edge from forehead to back of the neck), and then use the plugin. It does a pretty nice job of autounwrapping the UVs. There's a few tutorial videos and such on the site as well.

Another type of unwrapping is pelt mapping which works in much the same way. You define the edges and then let it do its magic. I haven't used the maya plugin, but it's located at and it looks to work pretty well.

Just to expand upon what shaolee said, manual unwrapping is really just a series of planar projections that you stitch together to get a nice uniform UV map. The simplest way would be to do a planar projection from the front, 2 sides, and rear, and then stitch together the edges that each projection shares. You can do like shaolee said and cut the pieces after your initial projection or, you can select just the front faces, do a planar projection, select just the side faces, do a planar projection, etc. The unfold tool works well to unfold any overlapping UVs like the ones you'd get inside the nostrils or ears from doing simple planar projections. The relax tool basically helps to move the UVs to lessen distortion.

Also, you'll want to apply some sort of checkerboard texture to your model while unwrapping as this will allow you to see where distortion is occurring and what UVs need to be tweaked.

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