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03 March 2007, 06:57 PM
Hi everybody!

I've finally completed the first version of my longgg awaited rigging reel... Though I'm still in the process of rigging a creature now & also working on some hair & fur simulations, I shall be updating my current demo reel as soon as I complete them.

For now, here is my Rigging reel ( (93.6 MB)

I've also uploaded the same reel it at youtube so you can also view it from this link (

Would really appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys on what you feel about the work I've put into it...



03 March 2007, 01:29 PM
A few things I noticed...

is it just me or does the female dancer look like her left arm was severely broken in a bad accident?
When the characters spine bends using the synoptic selection, the knees and lower legs seem to move with it, this could really frustrate a lot of animators as for posing you generally want to separate the torso from the lower body movement wise.
There's not really much deformations work on there, it's really hard to tell what your skillset is because all I can see in the reel is just rigs and UI's.
The UI stuff is cool, but how functional is it and how easy is it to roll out on say 3, 5, 10, 15 characters? The other thing is, the facial UI system should have a counterpart controller to it, not all animators will want to work from a UI like that.
Show some code! Not necessarily in the reel but even just as a side document with the reel so that we can look at it and get a feel for how comfortable/skilled you are with scripting.
That's pretty much most of my critiques thus far.


03 March 2007, 04:42 PM
Basically what BoostAbuse said......

I have to add here that your deformations are way off mate.....sorry for sounding harsh or anything, but IMO, it's better if you can edit out that dancer thingy from you reel till you fix the weight issues on the skin....

your vehicles were decent, how about showing the rig manipulation of the vehicles?

ANyway heres to your attempt...

03 March 2007, 08:55 PM
Hi BootAbuse,

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback... With regards to the left arm in the female character, it was a defect in the motion capture data which I noticed only after spending about 2 weeks in setting up the entire cloth simulation, cause that was my main focus, to get the cloth simulation right (using Maya Cloth) with the dancing body movement. I guess, now that you have mentioned it, I will have to surely fix the keys on the mocap data & also focus more on the cloth.

Any comments on the cloth simulation......?

With regards to the Facial animation UI, I also have corresponding attributes for each of the facial UI controls in the customised channel box UI which I coded. Is that what you meant by saying "counterpart" controller?

I have not focused on the deformations in this rig. but right now, the creature rig that I'm working on has a lott of work being put in with regards to the deformations & a pseudo muscle system.

With regards to having a UI with a multiple character functionality, my present creature rig's UI will be having that feature which like you rightly pointed broadens the scope of such a UI in the animation pipeline.

Scripting does form a major role in all my rigs so far, right from the UI stuff to the rigging of the vehicles, the structure rigs & the character rig. But I am not very sure how to display the code, which portions of it. I know it can be displayed as a slide-like fashion using a combination of after effects & a screen video capture software. But Effectively how do you feel I should display working code....?

I woud appreciate some advice from you as to how I am supposed to display code functionality in my demo reel..

Thanks darkjedi1929 for your inputs on the rig manipulation of the vehicles. I shall work on that too.

Thanks a lott guys for your feedback.. It really helps to improve the quality of my work....



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03 March 2007, 08:55 PM
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