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03 March 2003, 01:10 PM
I have just installed a new motherboard in my PC, I re-installed windows on a new hard drive and everything seemed to install ok. I have installed some drivers although i am not sure if i have installed them all.
I first noticed a problem when i tried to run 3DMark03, the PC restarted at the start of test 2. I tried again, same thing happened. I have tried re-installing the Display driver, this didn't help. To make things more complicated the PC isn't recognising any audio devices (i have buit in Speakers in my monitor which are plugged in (also there is a line out on the monitor which goes to my stereo stystem) both of these were working a few days ago (after i installed the motherboard.)
I have tried re-installing the Sound drivers and this didn't help.

Any ideas would be VERY appreciated, as would a list of what drivers etc. i should have installed after i installed Windows.

03 March 2003, 01:15 PM
Also something to do with the display driver doesn't seem to be working properly, i cannot change refresh rate, and it is set very low.

03 March 2003, 04:16 PM
1) Run a ram test.

Run 1 pass, with ecc disabled. If an error occurs, increase your memory timings. If an error still occurs, replace your ram. Always run a ram test at the onset of any problem or issue, as ram can cause a host of errors and greatly complicate the troubleshooting process. It doesn't matter if the ram is new, or if the ram worked before. Ram is extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge, and since you just recently reinstalled your board, it is possible one of the dimms were damaged.

2) Give us some information on your system. A helpful list of system specs is at the end of the troubleshooting faq on I'll repost it here for simplicity sakes.

The DETAILED system information we need ...

Pre1: Application Questions
a) What version of the application are you using?
b) What revision of the application are you using? (Ex Max4.2.6 or Max 4.02)
c) What Cdilla driver revision are you using? (For Max users)
d) Are you using...Direct3D, Heidi, Maxextreme, or OpenGL?
e) Have you recently upgraded a piece of hardware, installed the application on a second machine, or transferred a license?
f) Have you tried running software heidi by executing max with the 3dsmax.exe -h command line? Does the problem reoccur if you use software heidi? [For Max users]
g) Which 3rd party plugins are installed?
h) Do other programs other then the 3d application lockup/crash/explode/implode in similar fashions?
i) Are you overclocking the...Ram, FSB, CPU, PCI/AGP, or Video card(s) in
any manner, shape, form, or dimension?

1) Operating system plus any service packs installed.
a) Direct X version.
b) Any 3rd party overclocking utilities or video card utilities
[Ex. Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Latest Via 4 in 1 drivers, AGP patch, Direct x 8.1, ]

2) Ram configuration and Ram Speed (# of dimms, where the dimms are, what speed, how big, branding of the memory)
[Ex. 4 Dimms of Cas 2, Registered, ECC, 512 Meg, Mushkin PC2100 DDR]

3) Motherboard, chipset information, processor speed, board revision
(Ex. Asus A7M266-D revision 1.0, AMD760MP, Dual 2000+ MP's)

4a) Processor cooling, case cooling
4b) Current CPU Temp, Current System Temp (Found in bios, Press DEL upon bootup)
[Ex. Dual Alpha 8045's, 38C Cpu temp, 27C System Temp, 1 intake fan, 2
exhaust fans]

5) Video card, drivers being used with the videocard, modifications done
[Ex. Geforce 4 (NV25), Nvidia 21.83, reference drivers, Rivatuner, Powerstrip]

6) Bios settings, AGP4x, AGP driving value.
[Ex. Default bios settings, AGP4X disabled, AGP driving value EA, Ram timings etc...]

7) Type of periphals in the computer (Soundcard, Scsi card)
[Ex. Hercules XP gaming theater, 3com 905B Nic]

8) Wattage of power supply
[Ex. 550 Watt Entermax Whisper Power supply]

03 March 2003, 06:06 PM
Thanks for the help GregHess, i think i have managed to fix the problem though.
I discovered in the device manager that the errors were the drivers couldn't be located, i rolled back both drivers and everything seems to be ok again now.... also i had to disable another device because the device manager said there were too many devices present.
I also managed to get 3dMark03 working, i got a score of 1319, not too bad.

03 March 2003, 10:29 PM
greg, i hope you cut and paste all that and didn't type it out by hand. :) what a waste it all was with a thread like this! :(

rule #1 when installing new video drivers: always ensure the old drivers are FULLY uninstalled, and all rogue files are deleted, as well as registry entries stripped. not doing so will result in exactly the kind of results you talk about above.

03 March 2003, 10:42 PM
i was about to suggest your system was overheating from the benchmarking and it reset itself. But hah, okay, so it's a driver thing... i get really shoddy benchmarks on my system.... -.-"

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