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03 March 2003, 07:54 PM
This may be a little long. . .explaination below. . .

I have a Ti 4600 with TV out and it used to work for me, I had the s-video cable running from the back of my card to the s-video port in the back of my TV and it always worked this way. Then today I got a dvd player. So I unplugged the s-video from the back of my TV and pluged in the s-video from the dvd player to test it. The DVD player worked fine. . .so then I thought I'd try and plug my s-video cable from my computer into the back of my DVD player and my s-video cable from my DVD player into the back of my TV (DVD player has 2 s-video ports). I was thinking that the s-video from my computer could just run it through my DVD player, that way I could use s-video quality for my computer and my DVD player. But it wasn't working. So when I tested this I tried to put my computer on TV mode and when I did it didn't work. So I restarted my computer because my computer monitor wasn't coming back. I ended up unplugging the dvd player and resetting things up the way I had them before but now when I try and just go into TV mode with my computer it's not detecting the TV, I checked all the cables and replugged them in and restarted and all that. I really have no idea what to do now, it was working fine 10 minutes ago. I'd like to use my DVD player on my TV using S-video if possible as well as using s-video for my computer but right now I can't get my computer to even detect my TV. Any ideas. I was hoping that there was some kinda splitter for s-video cales but I'm not sure. . .is there such a thing. If not I guess I'll have to use the regular video cables for my dvd player. CAn't go component because my gamecube is using that. Just in case someone was thinking of suggesting that. Thanks for any help I can get.

Oh, and I'm running Win2K.

03 March 2003, 09:11 PM
Well after playing around with the connection to my dvd player I'm wondering if it's just the connection in the back of my TV, I had to wiggle the dvd players s-video cable a bit to get the picture to show up when I replugged in the dvd player and put my computer on my T using composite. BUT this still leaves me with the problem of using s-video for both my DVD player and my computer. Anyone know how I can do this. Until then I guess I will have to settle with composite for my computer and s-video for my dvd player. BUT if anyone knows how I can use s-video for both!!!! I'd greatly appreciate it. :D (Of course I don't want to spend a bunch of money on some crazy adapter though.) Thanks in advance.

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