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03 March 2003, 05:48 AM
Here is a uv layout / image of a game model i have been working with on & off, it's sol-BadGuy.

Here's an image:
So here's the layout: Sol-BadGuy-Cheat-Sheet ( A UT2K3 Model.

The file if anyone is interested to skin him is marked.

I wouldn't recommend it as i'm in for some input on my 1024 texturing file. Which is what i need help with right now.

How do i separate my uv's from a complete connected mesh?.

My problem is that i want to separate my file into either 3 files or 2. One for the head and one for the body or one for the head one for the lower body and one for extra's.

Yea it's for UT2K3 and Quake 3 Arena if i can do both. I don't have ut2k3 so it'll be a difficult challenge to port him in.

So C&C is always and definately welcome.


03 March 2003, 06:59 AM
ahh, the question of how to paint something...

Here is a bit of reference from some Warhammer 40k miniatures... Course I always aspired to be as good as these guys....

Oh, forgot why I was posting this stuff for a second.... Skinning is much like painting "Mins", give em light, shadow, flaws... make them look realistic, like they could be there.... Never, NEVER, block in colors as that almost always looks bad...

You have a good model, but he needs to be more human, more flawed, you can use shadowing to make him look menacing, bright colors to make him stand out... it is all up to you, but 99% of a great low poly model, is it's skin.

Oh, and your link is.....

03 March 2003, 09:57 AM
Just a quick word about the q3a specs. For q3a I'm fairly sure you had to have seperate objects per texture. Then there's the segmentation for animating too. Porting him to q3a specs just isn't really worth it - you really have to make a q3a model from scratch using proper segmentation from the start.

To split your uv's into multiple sheets (say, a head texture and a body texture), if you've already unwrapped the entire thing you'll first need to grab the third party plugin remove dead uv's. This is just the way I do it, there's better ways out there, but this works for me. Detach on the mesh level, the parts which will go on to the other texture. Create two materials, and apply them to each seperate object (one for the body, and one for the head). If you go into unwrap uvw now, you'll notice there's a heap of floating "dead" verts in there - that's what remove dead uv's gets rid of. apply the remove dead uv's modifier, collapse, and go into unwrap again. Position the uv's properly on each, then texport your templates for skinning. Once this is all done, re-attach the head and body again on the mesh level, and weld all verts on a very low weld threshold (say, 0.001). Create your textures and pass them through the seperate materials. Easy.

03 March 2003, 03:44 PM
... but before you begin to map him, you might want to tweak the mesh a bit. I think his Waist is too thin and his Ass is just strange... too small? dunno, doesn't look like an ass to me...

03 March 2003, 04:21 PM
Ok i've done editing and i've been able to export the uvs still...

Weird all i did was detach the parts i wanted a single texture file for.

I detached the head and torso then i attached the torso back to the lower body, the uv's stayed were they where. I'm happy bout that now here the shots myself / others mentioned:

Butt weirdness / Jeans
Sol-BadGuy's ass jeans ( .

It looks weird cause it's jeans that aren't that tight.
Fixed the waiste=).

New head Texture
Sol-BadGuy-head-Sheet (

New torso/lower Texture
Sol-BadGuy-torso/lower-Sheet (

I can just detach the object to the specified parts of Q3A. Then cap them, atleast that is what i was told and so far so good.

And the caps aren't special so i'll probably cap him and just color the caps black.

You were right jistyles but when i detached the file i did see floating dead uv's but i only saw the verts of them. When i saved and clicked new to clear everything i then just opened the sol file back and checked the uv's and they were gone =).

Your input helped thanx. I also got the remove dead uv's plug-in.

Ya i'll post a skin i was creating for it, i just finished the torso so check it out and let me know if it's ok with shadows and such.
It got a little dark on export but hey its a cartoonish-realism skin.

Thanx guys for your comments.

03 March 2003, 07:23 PM
Lookin good, maybe a bit more contrasty, and colorful... I think the skin is a bit smooth, you may wish to add a bit more realism there... Skin is often pitted and blotchy of sorts, I havent done that much for human skin recently though. Personally, I think it should have more a redish tint to it, but I dont know exactly what you are after. You may be looking for more cartoony. It also may be too dark...

Here is kinda my take on it, I didnt change it much, just made it brighter as far as the clothing... the skin needed to be corrected, but I dont know how your layout is.... I am sure the rest of the guys here will tear this apart as you shouldn't do this, or that, but I come from a Miniature Painting background, and generally tend to paint 3d models like they were Warhammer 40k figures... LOL.... tell me what you think...

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