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02 February 2007, 01:30 AM

As I'm a little bit out of the CG community for a while, I would like to understand; is Vue a "new" Bryce? By what I saw, Vue does the same as Bryce do. Is this right? If they do the same, what's the diference between both?

Why would I use Vue?

By the way, I use Maya as 3D program. Perhaps there is a better comunication between one of them.


02 February 2007, 06:55 AM
"yes" vue is the new bryce as far as both being landscape.scenery 3d apps.

1.vue integrates much better with a much bigger group of 3d/2d apps then bryce
2.more mature as a production application and smoother to work with
3. vueīs renderengine will if you can use it produce better renders
4.easier to postwork/composite then bryce
5.vueīs dev team keeps alot higher pace then bryce, which is for me a big big +
6.better atmosphere
7.ecosystem 2
8.well, realy if you can afford v6i, bryce just doesnt come close to it anymore

but as always itīs about personal preferences and money aswell, im sure that for some bryce6 is the right choice for various reasons, personaly tho, i woudnt recomend bryce at all, not at this point of time in vueīs development, itīs for me, that big of a difference

02 February 2007, 04:53 PM
Does Bryce feature procedural terrains? I've got a feeling it doesn't.

If it doesn't - then Bryce isn't even worth considering in comparison to Vue.

02 February 2007, 11:52 PM
Nowadays, Vue is miles ahead, esp with the new Vue release (v6). For example,

1. Spectral atmospherics create some amazing outdoor renders which I don't think are possible in Bryce
2. A wider range of lighting models including Global Illumination and Radiosity. Not sure what Bryce offers.

Bryce 6 is about $100, but for a bit more you could get Vue 6 Esprit, which offers a lot of customisation and much better results, or Vue 6 infinite if you have more to spend.

Depends what kind of images you want to create, what kind of quality you're after, and what your budget is.


02 February 2007, 03:10 AM
As always it depends on what you want to do with the app.

Vue has much more opportunities than Bryce, especially the eccosystems. And more or less I agree with the other posters above. They named already a lot of the better parts of Vue, so I will post some of the problems as well :twisted: :

- Vue is very unstable - at least on the Mac - (Windows Version might be better)
- Vue can be fast in rendering but than usually the renders lack quality - for my taste (I like sharp and high contrast images without the least bit of grain)
- If you push the settings for realy high quality than Vue gets very slow!
- I donīt like the shaders of Vue very much. Although you can do pretty much with layers and nodes etc. for some reason it doesnīt look very realistic most of the time, especially when it comes to natural texturing (snowy mountains for ex. - Bryce is there much better for my taste).
- Last but not least itīs very easy to identify that an image has been created with Vue. It has nearly always this Vue Touch. But ok, a lot of people would say that about Bryce as well.

However the makers of Vue try very hard to improve the app in every new version successfully. This improvement for Bryce is much less, because in my opinion DAZ is focusing entirely on the amateur market and EON tries to break into the pro market.
So the future in landscaping will belong more to Vue than to Bryce.

02 February 2007, 04:41 AM
Does Bryce feature procedural terrains? I've got a feeling it doesn't.

If it doesn't - then Bryce isn't even worth considering in comparison to Vue.

I don't think Bryce offers procedural terrains, but I'm not positive on that. Even if it did offer them Vue still dominates it. I first got into 3d with Bryce, but now I need more powerful aplications to further quench my thirst. To the OP, if you're just starting out again with 3d I would suggest getting Vue over Bryce. Even Vue Easel would be a better pick over Bryce just because of the features you can utilize. Just my two cents.

02 February 2007, 02:12 AM
Bryce has really kinda fallen on the wayside over the years, as well as animateks world builder(no clue what they call this now).

Vue definately is the most advanced but it's also incredibly unstable. I've had it crash while doing something simple like moving a window. You need to save and save often. EVERY version of vue has been like this and i've used vue off and on sine version 3. E-on guys like to blame other things for the instability, as in if you have crashing issues they usually seemed to immediately assert that you had a pirated version. This isn't the case as my versions were full retail CD versions patched and they were still inherently unstable.

I would say that since every version of vue has been this unstable, that a fix for it is probably something that just isn't coming. So if application crashing bothers you, vue probably isn't for you.

03 March 2007, 11:24 PM
i agree with a lot of you about vue,being more natural to work with,especially when it comes to the texturing.bryce is weak in that area for when you scale a texture the largest you can get is 0 the higher the number the smaller it gets(to me thats backwards)with vue there is much more you can do to create textures.

for example in vue you can control bumps to make ripples in water,well in bryce you have to go into the deep texture editor and in my many years of working in bryce it is still a mystery.its almost like you rely on luck.don't get me wrong,i like bryce for its stability and it has lots of good points.(expecially the price i just bought version 6 for 40 bucks from daz website it was an upgrade from version 5 which they gave out free last year when 5.5 came out or you could have bought 5.5 for 6 bucks and still upgrade to 6 for 40 bucks).

if someone could buy bryce from daz and vue from e-on and combine all the good points in to one program,they would make a killing

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