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02 February 2007, 02:57 PM

EOG is a modification for EA's Battlefield 2. We have several positions open:

3D Animators, rigging and animating weapons and characters, 1st and 3rd person models. Preferably with background as a BF2 animator.

Texture Artists. Skinning objects and weapons.

Character and object/weapon modelers, creating player models and props for the game.

To apply send an email to and tell us about yourself and what position/s you are interested in, be prepared to show examples of your work.

General info about the mod:
Echoes of Glory puts you in the shoes of a Civil War soldier and is based on actual battles from the War. Two teams, Union and Confederates fighting in the American Civil War, featuring historically accurate battlefields such as Antietam and Fredericksburg all recreated from actual terrain data, experience the fighting in the hornetís nest at Shiloh or walk across Pickettís Charge or relive the siege of Atlanta! Echoes of Glory also features artillery, field cannons are placed on the battlefields, all usable and movable by players! You will also be able to fire mortars like the famous Dictator across the entire map!

Default classes:

Infantry is the basic unit of the team, and doesnít have many special features. They carry the default rifles, the Enfield and Springfield with detachable Bayonet.

Sharpshooters have the prone command. This class also have the sharpshooter rifle, with a scope that will zoom into range.

The officer class, the captain is the heart of the team, and is the only class with the Command Voice Menu. Itís the only class that can issue orders from this menu.

Future classes:
Drummer Boy

1853 Enfield Rifle Musket
1859 Berdan Model Sharps Carbine
1861 Springfield Rifle Musket
1841 Scoped Whitworth Target rifle
1860 Army Colt Revolver
Navy Colt Revolver

The U.S. Infantry

Our wesbite is located at
Most of our media can be seen at