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02 February 2007, 05:58 PM
Im back online wiht my NEW computer!
the almost 20 year old p100 finally died on me...

and im wantign to get back into 3d!.. im already running into a problem that being each program has different UV layouts for thier polys.. some dont even alowe uv editing at all like Second Life or Some of the #d chant programs similiar to Yahoo.. that you can texture the items but where the texture falls on the UVs and polys become just a hopefull guess.

i KNOW theres an image thats composed of aligned numbers and colors that mark off a grid that alow you to mapp and chart where thigns fall so you can texture them in the future.. but ive lost that wiht my old computer.. and have been desperatly looking for it again.. anyone have what im talking about?

Ive done google and otehr basic searches.. the only 2 main responces are Blenders in program uv test which ONLY shows potential texturing distortians and is in program only.. does me no good.. the other.. is SIMILIAR to what im talking about but is composed of diagnal pastels and badly aligned numbers which make for a chaotic mess for location anything in its grid... the one i had was a quality image that had the ones and As all in a row.. the 2s and Bs all in a row... and so on.. and each columb was offset by one columb being one color.. the nest being another color.. making for a simple easy to read uv map.. not the mess that was the diagnal one.

any help is muchly appreciated.

02 February 2007, 06:13 PM
Would something like this do? I've made it a long time ago, tried and tested.
The colours are muted so it doesn't hurt your eyes. The colour/number combinations appear in the image more than once, but it gives a good enough guide to where your are painting.

The small red line shows the 0,1 border, the green lines are halfway through the image.
Sometimes it helps to tile it 2 or 4 times to see uv distortion on some parts better.

02 February 2007, 06:47 PM
ohh ill give this a shot!
teh otehr one i found had 12-13 columbs so row 2 started out on #3 and it threw everythign into a chaotic mess.

02 February 2007, 08:05 PM
Marcel, your fine texture guide makes me dizzy.... :) ;) But then it's not for me...

DFStormbringer, The one I'm using, I made myself, it's heavily XSI-influenced. And I think it's something like the one you lost.

02 February 2007, 01:31 PM
Hehe I wonder how many replies we can get with unique ulti-marks!

Me next, picked this up from college, no idea where it was originally from. :bounce:

02 February 2007, 02:54 PM
Yes, Cameo, I've seen some really wellmade, good-looking ones on thhis forum. There are some with circles inside the squares, which I think is a very good idea.

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02 February 2007, 02:54 PM
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