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02 February 2003, 10:56 AM
Has anyone worked with the surface constraint yet using an irregular shaped toon eye?
Simply put, if you think about uv spline orientation my question is does the eye curvature in the "u" spline need to be the same as the "v" spline?

I know how the constraint is applied (got a shock when the mesh belonging to the surface bone re-oriented itself but I can work around that) so that's not my problem.

My current toon eyeball shape has complex curvature meaning that the "u" and "v" are not the same and the pupil therefore intersects the eyeball mesh at some points of rotation. I thought (maybe foolishly) that the constraint forced one mesh to conform to the shape of the parent when applied.
Rather than respond to my own message, I'll edit. So far I've had no luck. Unless the curvature of both bits of geometry match there will always be intersection.

Will think around this differently now. The surface constraint will be useful for other paths and models (walking on hills, particles etc) but not eyeballs+pupils.

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