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02 February 2007, 10:08 AM
The purpose of this post is to design a rigorous (3 month) on-job theoretical and practical training to graduates in computer science (assuming little or no prior knowledge of 3D graphics) to enable them to provide production support, technical and/or R&D services for a pipeline. This is intended to be a broad yet focused course based on self-learning procedures and heavily dependant upon the material available on the internet. The obvious advantages of training in an office are opportunities of collaboration with working professionals in the field and availability of training materials.

I want to have an idea what the introductory professional training course in Computer Graphics should be. It should be close to an academic graphics course but more focused on applications in production pipelines. Having come up with the following after consulting some reading material and some academic courses, I would like to invite Ideas, suggestions and criticism for the content, exercises, direction, literature etc.

Pre Requisites:

Linear Algebra (matrices, vectors, surfaces, trigonometry)
Data Structures

Object Oriented Programming
Theoretical Content

Introduction, Motivation
Basics, pipeline, environment
Transformations and their mathematics.
Modeling: primitives, surfaces and scene graphs
Texture mapping
Viewing and projection
Perception and color models
Lighting and Shading
Interaction, both event-driven and using selection
Animation and time-dependent behavior
Dynamics and Simulation
Post Production
Artistic standards in lighting, composing and animation

Practical Content

3D Animations Package (e.g. Maya)

Simulation and Dynamics
Plug-in Development
Production Rendering (Renderman)

Hierarchical modeling and Scene Definition (RIB)
Working with Rman based renderers
Illumination techniques and tricks
Shader Writing (rsl)
Real time Rendering (OpenGL)

Basics of 3D Application development
Hierarchical modeling and scene definition
Some Real Time Techniques
Shader Writing (cg)

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